Friday, July 21, 2006

Just a lil' something I wrote today.

I want to share an actual letter that I just sent to the NYT. I've been getting it for free in my email for a while and today I read an article about a prisoner serving several life terms who figured out how to get the pigment out of M&M's, made a paintbrush out of cellaphane and his own hair and was able to mail his paintings out, sell them for $500 a pop. He wants to give the money to the criminals' children fund, but I had a better idea. This is the REAL letter I just sent, the only difference is I took out my precious first name (damn I'm smart.) I think this goes very nicely with our topics of late.

A letter to the Editor:

Dear Sir or Madam,
I was interested to read about the prisoner who used M&Ms and a personally fabricated brush to paint ('Behind Bars, He Turns M&M's Into an Art Form'), just from the fascination with his use of such everyday objects to create art to ease his boredom. But the truth is this person is a convicted felon several times over. If he is able to sell several of his pieces for $500 a pop, it occurs to me that the money should not go to a charity supporting other criminals' children, but instead to the families of the people he has killed and maimed. Prison is for punishment and to keep denigrates away from the rest of us, and any money that a prisoner manages to make should go straight to the families that he has destroyed. How nice that he would cut off his arm to hug his mother, I think the victim's families may feel the same way about holding or talking to their loved one, even one more time.
Tart (Withheld last name)
Virginia, USA

P.S.- Dear Editor, I receive NYT online and don't know where to look to see if my letter is printed. Please advise. Also, I hope you can print this letter without my last name. Felons have all day to look me up, savvy?)

It may never be published in a major newspaper, sometimes no matter how good a letter is an Editor cannot fit it in. BUT today it was published for you on my blog. How neat is that!!

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mysti said...

Applauds Tart loudly! Woooohoooo you go girl!