Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring will be coming.

About a week to go and Spring will be here. A beautiful time of year.

My favorite flower, the daffodil, is just on the cusp of blooming here. I didn't even know that it's other name is 'Easter Lily' which makes perfect sense. One of my friends recently told me that.

Still doing okay, here in the Jungle.

I spent the morning trying to find a new psychiatrist, since the County program I have been involved in for the past 14 years is essentially pushing me out, because of the tightening of resources.

This is a process, connecting with the right people, and I am proud that I haven't gotten mad or flipped out, I am just going with the flow and trying to connect all the dots and get it done, even though it will take a while to be done, I think.

correction: An Easter Lily is a white flower that, well...looks like a lily and nothing like a daffodil.:)

A little update for now. Have a good day all.:)


Jena said...

Good for you for keeping control on your feelings. What you're dealing with, trying to find a new pdoc, can be stressful. So I'm really glad that you're handling it the way you are. *hugs*

I love daffodils, and I didn't know that they were easter lily's either. I thought easter lily was a name for another flower.. ? hmm. I believe you, but I wanna look it up anyway!

I like your flamingo pic too :)

'Tart said...

You're right, Jena! I looked up a picture of an Easter Lily and it is a white flower and definitely not a daffodil. Good catch! Live and learn.:)

Thank you for your support, as well.:)

Raine said...

I never knew they were also called easter lilies!! They are my favorite flower too

'Tart said...

I was wrong Raine. Daffodils are daffodils and Easter lilys are an entirely different flower. Sorry for the mistake.

But I still love daffodils best myself.:)

preciousrock said...

I love daffodils also. Wishing you well in your search for a psychiatrist! Hope you find one that is right for you.