Monday, March 23, 2009

Angel food cake for angels.

My vet hospital made a donation to the the county SPCA in Mia's name and I am so touched by this.

I don't have much to give, so I am baking an angel food cake for them to take to the new puppy's booster shot appointment on Tuesday. They also sent me a heartfelt card expressing sympathy for our loss. They really are caring people and its wonderful to be associated with them.

I got to buy an angel food cake pan yesterday. I've made angel food cake in baking class. It uses a lot of egg whites, which you can buy straight from the store now, that way you don't waste all the yolks (I thought that was a cool innovation).

It's because of the baking class that I thought to make a cake. I can't wait to tell my supervisor and her Mom (who helps out) at the bakery opportunity about it. I know that will make them happy.


Jena said...

I think it's funny that now you have to go buy an angel food cake pan- since you need to make an angel food cake! I love angel food cake. I bought a mix once, and it sat in the cupboard for 4 years before I had to throw it out. I don't have a baking pan for it! And I still don't have one! lol. I guess when I get desperate to make angel food cake, I'll just go get the darn pan. lol.

SO SWEET about the your vet clinic!

Wanda's Wings said...

I didn't know you could buy egg whites @ the store. That is just cool. It is very nice that you are baking the cake. I'm sure it will be enjoyed. You are so kind.