Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am writing to say that I feel much better than the previous post. I have switched to something new, for the moment, and my mood (and life) looks improved.

Thank you so much for your comments on the last post. I take them to heart and I really appreciate them!:):)

Today I went to the Drop-In Center and set up an account on Ebay so that we can sell books for the center. Our Executive Director has tons of books that she is donating to the center so that we can sell them and fundraise. Yaay!

I am doing this as a volunteer position right now, but I may get paid in the future. It's a good learning experience, as I will learn to do TurboLister. You may recall or see on my list of things I wanna do that being a seller is El Top O' the List!!

So I spent a good part of the day at the Drop-In Center. And while I still feel funny sometimes because there is someone there that I can feel stabbing me with words behind my back, it is only one person and is probably good for me. Can you believe I would say that! I don't know what's wrong with her but it's her, not me. And I'm okay with it right now.

I also met these two darling young women who go to ARC, Association for Retarded Citizens, and they so brightened my day, just by being themselves. I just loved being around them, they were so sweet and friendly.

My Mom always said I would work well with retarded citizens, or developmentally challenged is a more PC term, as they are sweet and I am too (blush). But to work with them would probably take a degree. Maybe I could look into volunteering.

So things are looking up and I wanted to share.:)

I had other good thoughts too. I watched a very gripping story on PBS (limited basic cable will make you do such things!:) called "A Walk to Beautiful" about the incredible amount of young girls/young women in Africa who have given birth at young ages and then developed fistulas, or tears that cause them to urinate or worse constantly. This causes them to become ostrasized and pariahs in their villages sometimes, devastatingly for the rest of their lives.

This was a wonderful, touching story of the incredible journey of several women to get to a special hospital made just for them and their recovery from this terrible, widespread ailment.

I was just gripped by the beauty of these women, and their incredible courage in the face of being treated awfully, by being betrayed by their bodies - or feeling that way - and for how difficult it was to have this illness in their culture. Not only was the problem physical it was vastly psychological.

You can imagine that I related to that.

So it is with clarification that I state about my earlier post 'I'm glad to be an American Woman' - oh I so am. No where on this Earth could a woman have so many freedoms and pleasure to be herself except in many of our Western countries.

At the same time, I am proud to just plain be a woman, when women like these are my co-patriots of the Earth.

I was outside today, watching the dogs do their thing, and I heard a bird above in the trees make loud noises. I looked up. There is a whole world up there, and out there, a Lord that watches and enters his Hands into the mix and I was more at peace, because I realized the world was bigger and it was A GOOD THING. Can't explain it quite right.

I am finally recovering from the trauma, I think, of the anxiety that befell me after the Lithium toxicity last year - which was almost exactly one year ago next week. Actually, I bounced back pretty fast in many ways, physically certainly.

Thank you again, dear Friends, for your comments on the last few posts. I am so blessed to be aware of your presence on the web, I think of you and even pray sometimes for your needs.:)

So you see, Tart doesn't always write bad things on her blog.:)


Jena said...

Wow, look at how many things there are going on in your life that are so encouraging! You're feeling so positive about things, I can just hear the hope in your words and tone, and it is a huge encouragement and inspiration to me as well. I think that you volunteering is such a great idea, and my guess is it would probably help you feeling like you're not only contributing and helping others, but it brings you joy and satisfaction in return. I'm so glad you find that God is working in a big way in your life. That is so awesome. :)

'Tart said...

Thanks Jena!:)

Denise said...

You have a beautiful spirit and I am blessed that God used me to lift you a bit....... You have a gift in your hand........ Give it ........

Others need to see you soar!

Have a blessed weekend......

preciousrock said...

I am so glad to hear you sounding more positive and better than your last few posts. I didn't have a chance to comment, but I read them and have been thinking of you. You can and do make an impact on the world around you. I enjoy reading your blog no matter what mood you are in.

Wanda's Wings said...

I am so glad to hear you are doing so well. You always are a joy to be around because I know you understand what it like to be bi-polar. Your love for animals is so cool. I always enjoy your blog.

'Tart said...

Thank you all! I really do appreciate your comments.