Thursday, March 26, 2009

The cake didn't turn out.

Thank you to all my commenters on the last couple of posts.

I asked my baking people why my angel food cake didn't turn out fluffy and tall, and we think it was the store-bought egg whites. They said the already separated egg whites have preservatives, etc., and that must be why it didn't whip up merigue-ie and puffy and be a nice big batter to pour into the pan.

Ah. Live and learn.

I didn't take it to my vet. I'm going to send them a heartfelt card and write it myself.

On to the other things. My shift key is acting as though it doesn't want to work. Exciting no? I have to hit it very hard in the right place Sometimes to make it work. Perhaps it is OVERworked, lil shift key, my pet?

I can't be still. And yet I have not exercised in weeks. I feel so run-down and tired, I take naps a lot because I think I'm sick.

I'm doing the baking thing and even though today is my wedding Anniversary, I am still going.

Husband and I went out to eat last night and we'll watch a movie from Walmart on Saturday. We've been married four years.:)

Even though cake was not 'fluffy' I tried it this morning - it tasted good. So here's to not perfect being just fine.


Denise said...

Cake is cake in my opinion! hahahha

AND Happy Anniversary! I pray that you have a long and very very happy marriage! You have a sweet spirit and it comes across on the blog........

I am finally out and about and feeling better.....

Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary Tart! I hope that you and your hubby have wonderful year together.

Your cake i think did not turn out because of the eggwhites. When i have made angel food cake, well for that matter to all my cakes i add an extra boost one might say. I add one tablespoon of Meringue powder. You can get this at Michaels craft store in the cake section. I learned this trick long ago. It is a back up one might say if the eggwhites do not act right. :) You might want to try that next time.

I know how you are feeling Tart because i have been feeling the same. I am so tired all the time. I have been needing those naps of late. I even went to bed at 8 pm last night i was so tired.

I hope you are feeling better my friend. Hugs.


'Tart said...

Thank you for the Anniversary wishes!

Thanks for the kind words, Denise. Sometimes I don't feel so sweet but I appreciate people seeing through that and understanding.:)

Tracy, I forgot about the baking section of Michael's. You know Michael's gives classes on cake decorating. I was thinking about taking it. Thank you for the tip!

I hope you are both well. Hugs!

Tracy said...

Tart my friend, I started baking because.... i took that decorating class at Michaels years and years ago! laughs. Wow, i highly recommend the class my friend. It is a fun class.