Monday, July 14, 2008

A meme! (bipolar-style, after midnight:)

I was tagged by Tracy!
It's all about ME!

I am: mixed emotions right now. Can't sleep and keep trying. 2 seconds ago I would have said I am 'down' but now I am girding myself to fill this out.:)
I think: I am tired but can't sleep.
I know: I have to sleep sometime.
I have: a computer to tell you all about this.
I wish: I was sleeping right now.
I hate: feeling. This way. Feeling this way.
I miss: My Dad. I was crying about how heartbroken I am without him, just 20 minutes ago.
I fear: too many damn things. Just shoot me. Oh, I forgot, I'm afraid of that too.
I hear: the LOUD hum of the hard drive on my computer, the trickling of the cat's water fountain behind me.
I smell: Not much. Which is lucky, since I'm right next to the cat's litter box.
I crave: cheese, and foo-foo food at this late hour. Sour cream perhaps?
I search: for respite, calm, and peace.
I wonder: if I'll ever find respite, calm and peace.
I regret: the stupid things I say on my blog. People, please forgive me.:)
I love: my family, on Earth and in Heaven, my friends, and my animals.
I ache: in the back, and strangely in my left achilles tendon in the back of my heel. Sleeping is impossible when it feels like they should just take my legs off at night. Just sayin'.
I am not: as mean as I sound sometimes.
I believe: I finally admitted that.
I dance: foolishly and for fun. I boogie for no reason sometimes. Caught my MIL off guard once when I did it. Don't think that will happen again.
I sing: at home on my Karaoke machine with no audience but my animals.
I cry: a lot it seems. Did it a moment ago when I wanted to off myself but decided to meme instead.
I fight: the illness.
I win: period. I'm still here aren't I?
I lose: my cellphone sometimes. Gotta call it to find it, sometimes.
I never: not wear underwear. I feel pretty proud of that.
I always: wear underwear. Who knew that was coming up next?
I confuse: myself and therefore everyone else around me, all the time. But at least I write succinctly about it.:)
I listen: probably too much. You start doing that and people keep going and goooing...
I can usually be found: right'chere at the computer.
I am scared: I'll never break the habit of spending the whole dang day on the 'puter.
I need: many more better things to do than being on the 'puter.:)
I am happy about: Hunh? What does this mean?
I imagine: We're all glad this came to an end.
I would like to tag...
The Lord of the Idiots - are you still here?
Dr. Deb
Annnnnnd....Anyone in blogger land willing to take this on. Please come back and tell me if you did it and who you are. Thanks!:)


Tracy said...

Great Meme Tart. I find it rather awesome how each and every person depending on how they are thinking, or feeling determines how one answers these. You did a wonderful job, and i thank you sweet Tart for filling it out. :) I am sorry you could not sleep however, and i am sorry you hurt.. Hope the pain goes away soon!

Hugssssssss and many blessings sent your way.

'Tart said...

Thank you, Tracy! I feel better this a.m., was able to get up, and I'm goin' fishing! Probably write a post about that sometime soon! My pain is much better when my legs aren't stuck next to each other (laying at night)! Lol!

I hope you have a wonderful day and I will talk to you soon! Today is shaping up nicely for me so far!

Hopefulsl said...

Well it looks like i need to get my butt in gear and do the Meme as well.
As for you Tart, i think you did a great job on it.
Glad to hear that your day is going good for you. Take care now!!
Hugs to you, Love Stacy

Raine said...

oh wow -i was giggling and relating reading this til I got to the bottom where I was tagged and went- oh shit -LOLOL
ok I'll get on it

Anonymous said...

Tart,I was just tagged for this one so I'm adding you to the list and link back to you!