Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doesn't that beat all? (*scathe alert*)

Today I caught the biggest fish of my life. Which was a happy occasion for several hours. Until the 'Indian Giver' that originally sold us the boat upon which we were during the 18 pound or so catfish catch, decided that he wants the boat back.

He'll pay us for said boat, but I am royally offended. My husband refurbished and made the boat usable and beautiful, compared to to what it was. I think he is slightly offended that IG (that's Indian Giver) sees said boat, notes how nice it looks and wants it because Husband says, 'of all the work I put into it.'

I'm offended because IG says to Husband, 'Well what kind of fisherman are you?' since I was the one to land the enormous fish and Husband did not catch anything.

Yes, I have pics of the damn thing in the water, you can't tell that it looked like it was nearly going to break my rod and you can't hear the squeals of joy I emmitted for catching one killer fish. I feel like this jerk, IG, either thinks if a woman/girl/MI person can catch this fish then I just can't wait to get out there too.

Seriously. That is the way he seems to talk to Husband, and the IG is not sorry at all to ask back 'his' boat. The utter nerve. I say give it back to him, I don't want anything more to do with these nasty people.

Husband will serve them till the day he dies, because he has one friend in the whole world, the offspring of IG. He will do anything for these ingrates. Not me. It's over. I don't want to give IG the boat and then 'borrow' it as Husband suggests.

I want that man to get on said boat and throw every bait into the water for the rest of his life and never see anything as awesome as I did today.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


Raine said...

Thats just wrong!!!

Hopefulsl said...

I totally agree with you. After your husband's hard work towards the boat, leave it to that IG to want it back!
Sure, why not, its nice now. Why should that IG give a ---- to how you guys feel about the boat...
If it meant that much to that IG, why did he get rid of it in the first place? Boy,the nerve of him!!!!
I say that your husbands needs to get a back bone and tell that IG its his boat now and he can tell the IG that he could borrow the boat sometime!!! (not the other way round). Come on, lets be real about this....
Anyhow, sorry about all of this, Great catch by the way. You go girl! Hang in there!
Lots of ((HUGS)) sent to you.
Love, Stacy

Tracy said...

Grrrrrr I to would be furious Tart! I do not understand at all how anyone can give a boat to someone that needs some tender loving care done to it, and then after it is given he wants it back?????? What a nasty person! That is not right at all! Sheesh...

I am happy though for you that you caught such a huge fish! Congrats!!!!!!

Hugs sent your way my friend.

love ya

Tracy said...

Hi my friend tart! I have given you another special award. Please come to my page to pick it up!


Denise said...

You keep that boat!!!!!!!! You stand your ground..... and CONGRATS on that BIG fish........ I love love love to fish! I love your post and always smile when I leave............. God loves people that love people....... you just love above all else and God will deal with the IG's in our lives.....

'Tart said...

The boat is gone. Delivered it yesterday to IG. Can you believe he was too busy to deal with paying for it and receiving title for it yesterday so Husband had to go BACK after work to take care of it today.

Thank Jesus. I will have nothing more to do with these people. I wish I could grow a backbone in a test tube for Husband, but they say that's impossible science at this time.

In Husband's defense, he is one of the most handy, sweet hearted, loving, wonderful and best friends I have. He would do anything for me, even consider losing 'fiends' over me.

In our defense as well, IG didn't lift a finger to get the trailer legal in our name and now he's just going to put a license plate over it and think all is okey dokey. And it's not quite legal to have the trailer/boat in our yard which was a little bit scary.

Soooooo, gooooooooood ridance! And we kept the motor so we can still rent a boat on Saturday and trawl and fish without owing 'the (pee pee) man a THING!
Update complete.