Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Explanation of: jungletarts playlist

I've got one of those playlist's now! I have music! Mine is a click to play or start, it does not start automatically.

Here is a little explanation of my songs. (I wanted to give background on some of my choices.):

'He's Alive' - Dolly Parton: I cannot help but bawl everytime I listen to this. I think it's one of most beautiful, Christian songs ever. I don't know how she doesn't cry when she sings it. I have seen an entire room of celebrities crying when Dolly Parton sung it at an awards show. I'm not the only one - not a dry eye in the house!

'Coat of Many Colors' - Dolly Parton: 'One is only poor, if they choose to be.'

'Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch' - The Four Tops: I sing this (yes, I Karaoke, in the comfort and safety (for me & listener!) of my own home!) for my Emma dog-Emma dog. She is honey colored. I just think of her, my sweet doggie, some of the lyrics apply, but not anything inappropriate!

'Sugar, Sugar' - The Archies: This reminds me of my Mia Pug. She's my 'sugar, sugar, ooooh honey, honey little black puggie! It just makes me think of her. Same thing about the rest of the lyrics!

'Because You Loved Me' - Celine Dion: Totally dedicated to my Dad. I got the distinct pleasure of playing it for him a few years ago and telling him it was for him. I think he was overwhelmed. I told him, that if I got married some day, no matter what I picked as the 'Father/Daugther song' this was the one I really meant. (I played 'Unforgettable' by Natalie Cole/Nat King Cole at the wedding, which is just as true. Maybe this song was too special, and different for dancing to.:)

'You Never Walk Alone' - Kate Smith: The words speak for themselves, and the song is so powerful. I love the retro, Ethel Merman-y sound of this song, and of Kate Smith's sound in general. I was born a generation or two out of synch, but that is OKAY!:) I'm attracted to more retro music as you can see by my choices of K. Smith and Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

'God Bless America' (1942) - Kate Smith: A beautiful, mid World War II rendition of the famous song.

'That's Life' - Frank Sinatra: This must be My Theme Song for life. I love you, Frank, for doing this one.

'High Hopes' - Frank Sinatra: Who told that ant he could pick up that rubba' tree plant? So Sinatra, and so positive!

'Young at Heart' - Frank Sinatra: One of my very favorite Sinatra songs - and such true lyrics!

There you have it, my playlist for now. I thought about adding songs from my wedding, like the songs I put on a CD to play while people were filing into their places (In the Garden, Elvis Presley, A Day Without Rain, Enya, etc.) but not now. Enjoy!:)


Tracy said...

I love your new list, and your songs! haha there is not one song on your list that i do not absolutely love! Great list. Hugsssss

'Tart said...

Oh, thank you, Tracy! This little list of music has already brought me a lot of joy! Hugs & blessings to you!

Hopefulsl said...

I as well love your choice of music!
Some make me think of Tracy, One of them makes me think of my cousin Kimmie, who passed away about 5yrs ago. That song is- because you loved me. It was played at her funeral.
And of course Dolly is all about my mother. Good choices.
Big Hugs Sent To You....
Love, Stacy

'Tart said...

Thank you, Stacy. Big Hugs right back at cha!:)

I have had the pleasure of seeing both Celine Dion and Dolly Parton in concert. They both make me cry buckets of tears and are so moving! Wonderful performing artists. I'm so glad you like my list.:)

Denise said...

hey..... thanks for coming by and great play list......... I love love love Celine and would love to see her in concert!!!!!!! Thanks for the sweet words about my devoitonals....... I always want to point others to Jesus....... HE IS!