Thursday, July 3, 2008

The jungletart wordle!

I saw this on Dr. Deb's site and went to the Wordle site and created my own!

I think you can see it better on their site, maybe if you click on it.

I like it because it is predominently positive, which is interesting. It takes words from my blog and turns it into art. I'd love to see what it does for other blogs!:)


Deb said...

I know. They made the embedded one so small. I printed mine and then rescanned it so it was bigger and readable. I like the colors you chose. Asparagus, right?

'Tart said...

Hi Dr. Deb,
I didn't realize they had color choice! Actually, I went with the first one it made since I liked the arrangement and was afraid I would never get it 'back' again!

This was such a fun thing to do, and I was really surprised that my blog had many, what I considered, positive words on it.

Thanks for finding this for so many other bloggers!

Tracy said...

This is so cool!