Thursday, July 24, 2008

Check out the my 'sister blog' of joyousness!

Just missing Tracy something Fierce and posting a few good things over on my other blog of joyousness this evening. :)

I have pictures of my fish I caught on Tuesday, July 15th, and a rundown of all the wonderful things I have made so far at my bakery job as well as the recipe of what I cooked in a slow cooker this evening so that I could have a yummy dinner with my Husband and not have to run to McDonald's or the like tonight.

I don't know if Tracy knows how much she is missed, but I guess she will when she returns from vacation in the next couple of days.:) I consider her one of my best friends, heck I don't have many friends, so this is just going on Tooo Long and I will be so Glad when she is back!:)

So, I'm done posting for the evening, I'll see ya later!:)


Hopefulsl said...

Hey what happen? I left you a comment last night and now its gone....
Anyway, i answered your questions on my blog, come on over and read...
Hugs and Blessings Tart....

Tracy said...

Awwwww Well my sweet friend, who i also consider a best friend, I am back, and yes i felt so loved and missed thanks to you and my sister. Love you lots my friend! I am tired from the trip, and will have to blog about it later, but wanted to come by and send you a blog hug! (((Tart))) Thanks for being you!


Mike Golch said...

Tart, for some reason your link to Tracy's site did not work for me.

Hugs and God's Blessing my friend. Mike g. said that. (it an A.A. thing)
I just love the cat swinging in the hammock.

'Tart said...

Dear Stacy,
I think the comment is on the 'blog of joyousness' I'll have to go over there and check. HUGS & blessings to you and yours, dear Stacy.:)

Dear Tracy,
YAAAAAAY!!:) You're home! I'm so glad and big HUGS sent your way (((Tracy))) :) I'm so glad you had a great time on your vacation!:)

I went back and changed the url so that it is correct when you click on Tracy's name.:)

I love my hammock kitty too. I think your comments are on my 'blog of joyousness as well, although I will have to check.
Have a great week all of you!