Monday, July 14, 2008

Congratulations on the Jolie-Pitt twins!

I have mixed feelings about the the Jolie-Pitt union. I'll save my thoughts completely on that because it's bound to offend somebody and I'm not into that, although I guess I could be more kind and penitent about it. (that means nice & sorry about my opinions.)

As one of my friends says about himself, 'my totem is the turtle, the king of non-confrontation.' I seem to live my life that way too, for better or worse, and I don't think it's a bad thing. It lead to a good friendship! I also learned impartiality at the newspaper and I try, try to keep it that way. (That's probably a big, 'Hah!')

But the twins and every thing Angelina seem to be fascinating to me. When a beautiful woman and celebrity such as Jolie gets impregnated (and pregnancy fascinates me) and then gives birth to not one but two beautiful babies, well that is a source of 'fascinato' to me, on top of all of it.

I can only hope that they are selling their what is expected to be $20 million dollar picture of the new darlings to 'People' magazine, as this is the only magazine I receive, every week and I read it cover to cover. I love that stuff as blog readers here, know.

If you wonder like I did, No! they are not keeping the money, they are donating it to charity. Don'tcha wish your first baby pic were worth $10 million (per individual)? That could build a couple of houses in New Orleans.:) Give it to (sell to to the) 'People,' Jolie-Pitts!

I almost posted this on my site but it almost sounds too catty to be 'Good Stuff' doesn't it? I don't mean for it to, I meant to just say, Congrats! and perhaps start a discussion about the names that were picked for the tykes. After all, my blogs should come with a 'I try to be 100% honest (or say nothing at all) tag! Only a bipolar could consider this 'good stuff' and 'Tart' at the same time!:)

See here for an interesting article from MSN dissecting the names/monikers picked for the twins. I think it's interesting, as an English major, that there are people specifically in the business of choosing and critiquing names, and that I intrinsically agreed with much that was said.

I would essentially give the boy name 'Knox' a C, and Vivienne Marcheline (to me, a normal sounding girl's name) an A. That's just me. What do you think of 'baby namer's' and their thinking?


Tracy said...

hmmmmm I shall be back to read the article on name choosing. Laughs I always did find picking names for a child hard, yet interesting. If you really think about it, a name is so important! It is the name the child is stuck with forever.... makes me wonder why some pick such silly names for their child....


Hopefulsl said...

Hey Tart!
I too agree with my twin(TRACY)-smiles..... Once again we are thinking like twins- hee, hee.
I too will have to go back and take a look at names.
Hugs sent to you, Love Stacy