Saturday, January 26, 2008 for Kim Morgan's words and pictures about Heath Ledger 1979-2008

I'm not sure if there are people out there who don't understand the pull of movies or 'the movies.'

As though it were strange for any segment of the population to embrace and hold dear the the alternate reality, the magic that are movies, the writers that write them, the actors that act, taking what's on the written page and sometimes making something that causes one to cry, to laugh, to relate, to feel vindicated - all from what I think is celluloid 'film,' mostly fake, and created for our pleasure.

I'm bipolar so I happen to be a bipolar who loves celebrities, movies, actors, writers. But clearly, the quite 'sane' can be involved in loving these activities.

I found a blog called Sunset Gun at written by Kim Morgan, an entertainment writer for MSN Entertainment, who writes and runs MSN's daily film blog, Movies Filter and writes for Huffington Post (this from her profile).

For her January 28, 2008 post she wrote a wonderful, insightful piece about the recently, now dearly departed Heath Ledger.

I direct one and all to Sunset Gun for that post to commune with someone who expresses the shock and sadness that many of us feel over his death and who writes with a real sense of creating for the reader who Heath Ledger was, and makes us realize powerfully, if we didn't already know, what a loss the end of his short life is.

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