Thursday, January 3, 2008

My sign of being a manic depressive, beyond any diagnosis that I deserved while sick (psychotic) is my Many, many hobbies and things I love.

I have tons.

We are moving books from a book shelf upstairs down to my office. I am looking at books I forgot about, but I still love!

I know when I don't love something, I get rid of books like that, to the praise of Husband - who gets worried I'll never let anything go.

I'm even thinking that I will sell some of my Dad's books on Ebay, once I get a gander at what's in all those boxes. (Also in my office.)

So back to work I go. Hope everybody's having a great new year so far.


MYSTI said...

I just love books! I am trying to convince hubby to build a huge book case alone one whole wall in our great room. :) In my opinion one can never have to many. Huge applause to you that you are able to throw out those books that you have no interest in. :))

'Tart said...

Oh, thank you! I am so excited to have my own little library, right here in my office!

Yes, I have to get in a mode to throw out sometimes, luckily I do get that way.:)


wolfbaby said...

Someday I hope to have my own library... ahh the joy of that. I have a passion for books and no one understand why i love to have them.. you read em once isn't aht enough? uhh no if there really good i can read them over and over and over and over.. there like a good friend one that never leaves;)