Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tired of (C)razed (V)ile (S)uckers. Someone had to say it.

Aflak's ca-razy beneficent duck! (a steal off some site)

Oh, what to do when you're pre-menstrual and upset about your pharmacy getting snippy with you?

Do a post, Dahling.

I feel like crying. Heck, I did some of that a little while ago, along with a full fit directed at Husband, as he was being oh-so-logical.

Except for the part when he suggested it was my fault, that I always want the last word, AND he had the nerve to make fun of my hysteria.

He should be glad I signed the marriage agreement which is like unto a pact of confidentiality. So's that's all you'll get out of ME!!

But really, I am pissed am my pharmacy, those (C)razy (V)ile (S)uckers, the overloaded, understaffed, mean pieces de poo that they are.

Why take on so much work, if not for the bottom line. More customer's, selling more filth - OUGHT TO be able to afford the help, A-cord-dingly.

Who wants to be an underloved, overworked, underpaid pharm tech anyway? If this represents you, I bet you don't have the time to blog surf.

I'm thinking you are going home, tossing a handful of feed to whatever animal you have and falling face first, no teeth brushies, into the bed. You too tired to move, let alone fire up the 'puter.

But should you find this - don't expect a person who takes A LOT of drugs, (apparently against the norm. I've simply learned that I have to. End of paren.) who is keeping your industry in business, who is a significant reason for your paycheck, who keeps up with doctor's appt's, blood letting's, and in short does everything to keep it together and pop it in her mouth at the proper times,

to have overwhelming pity

for a person that, given a couple of years and who hangs in there, will be a full-fledged pharm making a lot money (off ME) and whom everyone has to listen to (even if they are a jackass).

I know. It's frightening how much I understand.

Don't hate me because it sounds so familiar. I'm nearly a master in the understanding of the human condition, and I'm simultaneously sickened by it. Just mail my Nobel, my Pulitzer, Thanx.

I am hormonal, I am about to be without Thyroid meds because of the inability of the Crazed Vile Suckers to get a hold of my doctor, despite an extra three days allowed.
If it was my job to do their job shouldn't I have been informed, there should be a form and background check on me performed, maybe a kickback on the side for my incurred administrative fees???
I just feel like saying f all of ya and going without.

Will this help me lose weight?
I assume this stuff is important for all the fuss that it is.
Someone please call Oprah, cause I know she understands my thyroid issues. We can talk for hours about the rest of it.
UPDATE: Feb 1, Fri. Got ahold of the reg Doc today and got them to call in my med. Yay. Oh, name change. (C)urt (V)ile (S)uckers. Thank you.

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