Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I wanna talk about Abilify

Campers, I've been on/am on a LOT of stuff.

I'm on things now, other drugs/not Abilify, that DO make you fat.

I'm on Abilify, for one reason, to eventually help wean me down from large amounts of FAT GIRL making medicine.

I KNOW there's plenty of people that know what I mean.

It's the choice - and a damn smart one - to go for being stable, having many more chances at happy, etc., EVEN THO a lot of the meds Make you fat. It's true.

You can get a college degree and even get married while fat. None of that while in the hospital - you know that?:)

But, what thu? Abilify is not a fat maker.

It really doesn't seem to be, in my one month estimation, my time on it so far. My weight is finally stabilizing.

I would not say that about Xyprexa. That stuff is evil, fattening. Unless you're getting something good out of it, you may be fattening your way to diabetes.

I was on it. I gained unbelievably. I am no longer on it.

So, I've said before, I don't tell what I'm on. I know I'm bipolar and if you've read my true to the core, two years worth of blog, YOU know I'm bipolar. So I mostly hold back because of posers, sad people who would be what they are not.

My blog's not for that kind of research. At least I try to keep it that way.

But I wanted to share that Abilify has been doing good things for me, even tho there is anxiety involved in the early dose. I'm going up soon, and should get rid of it.

It's a new drug. And I wanted to help out/give a head's up to those thinking of going on it.


MYSTI said...

I am so glad to hear about Abilify is helping you! I am however sorry to hear about your back. I hope you feel better soon. I know all about pain that is for sure, and it can really be hard to deal with for long periods of time emotionally. Your puppy sounds just adorable. I think she is sooooo sweet.

There was an angel looking over you Tart yesterday. I did not want to go out in the snow , not because i have no idea how to drive, but because i know others around me do not! Scary.



wolfbaby said...

Now that is cool that your new med is helping you out!!! way cool!! hope things continue to go well;)