Monday, January 7, 2008

"Friends: Britney Suffers From Psychological Disease" - If I say I told you so one more time...

...maybe someone will get it. Here's the article off,,20169680,00.html?xid=email-peopledaily-20080107-20169680

The biggest beef I have with the 'expert advice' is saying you must 'hit rock bottom' to get it together, or realize you need 'treatment & recovery' which is frankly too damn hopeful when talking about bipolar because its not that easy(!).

Bipolar CAN be caught in different stages, as is obvious with that 'hypomanic' diagnosis. It's so everywhere on the emotional chart that we are caught in different places.

It took me a long time that not all real bipolars have had psychosis, to me the true designation of high, manic suffering. Turns out I barely find ANYone who was diagnosed this way.

I guess we have the typical talking about Britney's simultaneous drug/alcohol problem (which is not surprising) and not bipolar when talking about 'treatment & recovery' of it, like a little chemo & your fine. Hah!

Bipolar does not have a 'treatment center' named after it. It is not about treatment and recovery as it is chronic and you, darling, are in 'recovery' for life.

Many people have to hit 'rock bottom' or more correctly 'rock-ass-high' to realize that the drugs for our illness are for real, and you gotta take them. Meds that your very professional doctor gives you are the basis for life, as far I'm concerned. But I paid my price for that rock solid belief.

The mother part, well it is nigh impossible to do anything while really in the throes of the illness. But when you get stabilized (I say this positively because you CAN get stable!) you can do the things you want.

Bipolars are hooked into creativity and as for myself, a lot of self-awareness: the sky's the limit, if you accept that there are limits.

I've done things that most mentally ill people can only dream of and that is due partly to the illness being caught early, and on Lithium, amongst many other things, at all times. That miracle is available to all, but it has to be let in.

Dr. Phil is a cheese. I refuse to watch him. If Kay Jamison or someone reputable in my mind did a daytime show, I might be glued. And now he has to say something about 'helping' the family. Could you just tout your fat horn in some other country? What was Oprah thinking with this loser? Sadly, that shows how desperate the family is.

I'd be a better friend and confidant and helper to Ms. Spears. I would tell it to her true and I'd tell her all the secrets to living with this. After all, She's no poser.


Raine said...

I would be much more interested in watching those shows if instead of showing "celebrities" they showed real middle/lower class people struggling to survive with these illnesses.

'Tart said...

Yeah, but this is an interesting case because this gal is getting knocked off the pedestal created for her, as a final straw, by her mental illness.

She could do a lot for mental illness, bipolar, in general, if she would do what the rest of us find ourselves doing: therapy, medication, attempts to putting personal lives back together again.

We can't afford not to. For people with enough money to pretend whatever, it can't be doing them any good at this point.

MYSTI said...

Well Tart when i first read this post and your comments regarding dr. phil, I though huh, i just love doctor Phil! I now totally am in agreement with you. The man has lost my full respect.

'Tart said...

I must say I'm proud because I've hated Dr. P long be4 anyone got on tht train, and I keep being right abou Ms. S. before it even happens.

But it is so sad, as I do understand some of the illness and this gal is suffering for real.

That's hard to watch, whether she thinks she loves the media or she's just too rich to let anyone help her. And I didn't read the 'People' story on her yet.

I'm glad you guys are doing okay/well with your prospective issues. Viva us, the everyday person.