Friday, January 4, 2008

This is it, this is the day, for Ms. Spears

Britney was taken on a gurney into an ambulance last night, after a stand-off concerning her boys, a supposed custody battle with Federline.

All I can think of is NOW is the time to get the help she needs.

Britney, I have been toted, just like you into the ambulance, twice, with neighbors gaping (the equivalent of paparrazi in middle America).

You can do this girl, take care of yourself. For once, it is so about you.

If they think you have a 'mental issue' please go with it - don't be afraid, just get the help you need.

Millions of us are living with these things, responsibly and still creatively. If Britney handled this one thing well, I know its selfish on my part, but she could advance the cause of bipolar.

If she got the medication and therapy and started getting her life together and being what she wants to be most, a real mom, what would that show?

If she did these things while making records and videos, being creative, while on meds w/ therapy - the world would see if you can't hide it, then girl, have pride in it.

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wolfbaby said...

it drives me batty sometimes how the media does that... this poor girl is struggeling and the media is revealing in her trauma... bastards... I really hope she can get the help she needs...