Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Okay, what would be the Jungletart blog without its yearly vacuousness of Oscar glee? Well, I'm not going into the entire winner's list, like always I want to herald the Tart's favorites!

MSN pic.

As some may remember, Ms. Jennifer Hudson was a fav pick of mine during her Golden Globe win. In case some folks can't put a finger on why this lil lady is such a fireball, they must have not watched the veritable 'contest' between Hudson and Beyonce during the Oscars. Ms. Hudson held her OWN, she has the voice, and obviously the talent to beat the contenders. I love the fact that she's got a caboose and then some. This was not about looks, it was finally about ability and its so obvious she is not afraid to bring it, no matter that others have the look, are more well known, etc. I know she fought to get this role and I see art imitating life here. Bravo, Jennifer ~ you made the Oscars worth watching and you do this Bipolar heart good. pic

My sweet Forest! Again, a Tart fav from the Golden Globes. A true gentleman and a great heart, his values and what he said is exactly what its all about. Something to the effect - I just wanted to share from my heart and bring out what is in all of our hearts, the common human experience. He tapped into why I love to write, why I don't give up on my dream to write a screenplay, to share human experience with everyone. Mr. Whitaker understands. I love him for that. It couldn't happen to a better guy.

Martin Scorcese with 2007 Golden, MSN pic

No, I'm not impressed with this one. Martin could not be more in the 'Good Ol' Boy Network' if he tried - he was literally handed the Oscar by The Director Brat Pack - George Lucas, Spielberg, and some other guy (going off memory here, cut me a break!). If I was more a believer in conspiracies, well, I'd smell one. "The Departed" won Best Pic, I think that's kind of a stinker (the win, honestly haven't seen the movie, so, again, this is personal opinion). I don't know, I just think it should have been more spread out. (Don't even get on me about this, I admit that I go on emotion more than knowledge sometimes. It's just entertainment, right? Sheesh.)

Besides Cate Blanchett being up for a supporting role in Babel (or was it Best Actress, well she didn't win anyway, okay?) we really didn't hear a peep from Babel. Perhaps because Brad Pitt didn't even show up? (I'm pretty sure E! and everyone else would have went gaga if he did!).

Here's one for you, while I'm on Pitt. Why does it seem he keeps going for the ugly and uglier look with each subsequent film? His first recognizable role to my knowledge was 'Thelma and Louise' (a classic, I love it. I am Louise.) where he was HOTter than hot and knew how to make every woman on the planet horny. (I'm pretty sure that's my first use of that word on the ol bloggeroo!) We welcomed his face in Ocean's 11 and 12, not that his performance stuck, mostly just his beauteousness. Anyhow, in trailers of Babel he looks pretty surly, icky and now for Benjamin Button he looks just plain ridiculously awful. (A movie recently in the can or soon to be. Filmed mostly in Canada. Sheparded by Angelina Jolie's constant prescence. She's not in the movie. How do I know these things? I pay attention and I'm sponge to my People magazine. :) Brad there's nothing wrong with it - GIVE IN to your hotness. Tart loves your Man-beauty. And so does everyone else.

Speaking of another guy going completely out of his zone (in my humble opinion) what the deal-e-o with Jim Carrey doing a thriller? Thriller in Tart's lame book means horror, for she (okay I) doesn't like the supernatural anything and admits maybe I always see too much in those things, hence I avoid. Look, Jim Carrey is one of the funniest guys on the planet, I do compare him to Robin Williams and anyone else that tickles the masses (people Liar, Liar maybe one of the greatest acts of physical comedy caught on tape and eclipses Jerry Lewis's 50's versions in general. God, I'm a guiness, yes this all comes out of my head.) and frankly, I think he carries even more of a name in the laugh-0, funny off the scale category. So what-the in going so vastly out of his genre and G-spot in life? I know "Number 23" has already apparently made more money than they expected on the first weekend (the media sounded so shocked when it did so I assume we're on the same boat here) but I don't care. I think it's an anomaly, like "look Bozo the clown's in the tiger cage." I think he's going to get eaten, or frankly should. I'm not taking away that he probably has the acting chops for this, and I assume that's what he's trying to prove, but it's uncomfortable and I want him to stop. Of course, I don't understand the public's apparent hunger for horror, so I guess I'm on the fringe with this one anyway. All I'm saying is, did Mike Myers already burn the silly-yet-fun franchise and there are no decent comedy screenplays, or will some brave soul please save Jim Carrey's and bring him back to where he belongs? I don't have to be popular on this, but I still may yet be right.

Alright, there's enough movie talk to tide you for a while.

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Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

I agree with ya. Jennifer Hudson was great on the show and I thought she sang just as good as Beyonce. I was peeved that the whole show went 4 hours....Ouch! Can't they do whatever the Golden Globes does? They always finish on time. I agree about Jim Carrey. I go to see his movies to laugh. Same with Robin Williams.