Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Winter! Shminter!! :) This too shall pass.

The whole Winter thing happens year after year, with the same results every time. Yes, you get scenes like this...

Country ranch in Oregon, during Winter (Webshots)

And this...

Covered Bridge, New Hampshire (Webshots)

But none of that is going to keep this...

Spring Flowers (Webshots)

...from happening!!

Oh, and I recently found the following in a torn out page of last year's (just to show how cyclical these things are) 'First' magazine. If you are feeling the typical winter blues these days don't let it get you too down because A) you're in the same boat as a lot of other nifty people, and B) I promise, if you hang in there, this too shall pass. :)

Without further ado,

7 signs it's been too cold for too long:

1. You've had so many comfort foods that a salad actually sounds appealing.

2. Three words: Permanent. Hat. Head.

3. That snowman out front has stuck around so long, you're thinking of charging him rent.

4. Snow boots are such a staple, you're sure you've forgotten how to walk in heels.

5. You've vowed that the groundhog will see his shadow - no matter what.

6. The weatherman is starting to run out of ways to say "It's cold."

7. You have to beg the dog to go outside. (I am so there.)

Haven't gotten there yet? Oh you will get there, oh yes... you will. (Think menacing, like Yoda to the young Luke in "A New Hope." Hmm...methinks Tart watched 'Star Wars' recently, me does. :))

My prescription: Continually glances at those 'Spring Flowers.' They're comin' people, they really are! :)

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Raine said...

and all I can think is NO NO NO- I dont want "HOT" to come back