Thursday, March 1, 2007

Vive!!! Tart's new sister blog is up and running!!!!!!!

All right kids! Behold my new sister blog is up and running (JungleTart's Good Stuff)! I wanted to have a separate place to put my accomplishments: crafts, cookin,' etc. Also, I want it to be a place of inspiration, to talk about the good deeds of others and women who truly inspire. I would like it to be a place to spread some fantastical joy, once in a while.

So what is Adventures going to be? Well, I guess everything else, and what it's always been! Adventures will still continue to have 'good stuff' too! It doesn't always have to be a 'house of rant' either, because I'll keep on talking about my life, good or bad, keep on posting pics, mine or Webshots/someone elses, and all the other thoughts big and small that come in my head. But now, I will have a special place to showcase some of the other things I do, besides blogging, checking my email, karoakeing, watching television and movies, thinking about reading (I have started doing that more!), etc. So:

Vive the sister blog, JungleTart's Good Stuff! A new baby blog is BORN!

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MYSTI said...

I tried to look at your new blog, and it would not pull up. :) Maybe I am doing something wrong?