Friday, February 9, 2007

I don't turn on my computer for one whole day, so imagine my shock at dinner (at a restaurant) when husband asks, "Have you heard?" No, I say, what's going on? He says, "Anna Nicole is dead."

Holy cr*p, that was a SHOCK! And I pretty much said so, so dumba**es are looking at me from other tables. I mean to give me this kind of information in PUBLIC, I'm not so sure it was a good tactic.

Yes, she was white trash tacky ~ for those of you who refuse to realize there are such things ~ yet delightful and devilishly interesting. And she pretty much exploited herself onscreen in front of our eyes, doing everything but pulling up her underdrawers and flushing for our benefit - and a heck of a lot of us LOVED it and her all the same.

That was the good part probably. The bad was a crazy life that invited lawsuits and true traumatic tragedy. I can't imagine a person as emotionally fragile as she obviously was to not dabble in things to kill the pain. I honestly don't see her strong enough to consider refraining from it, and there's not a heck of lot of people that would blame her

This particular showing is my favorite of hers. After losing the flab with Trim Spa pills, she does her first catwalk in a long time. On television it was unreal, like her big pink glossy buzoom was going to jiggle right out of this craziness. She was quoted as saying she was afraid she would fall on her face in her spiky stilletos. Fall indeed.

The good times. (December, 2004)
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The love of her life. (R.I.P. together)
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Ms. Smith had the ability to clean up and fight her fights all the way to the top. Ever a source of fascination. Oh, and I liked her latest Jewish choice of a boyfriend/husband. He's seems like a nice boy. (February 28, 2006)
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Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007 Obviously not an easy life, but thank you for sharing it with us. I for one, wish you well. :)
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After emailing Photobucket and being given more codes that did not work, without explanation of why widgets don't parse, I used my Googling skills and found ImageShack.

I could have fallen madly in love with ImageShack were it not for the fighting I must do to find the 'hidden' html issue that is giving blogger fits and won't let me publish.

I am, however, much more thrilled with the new ImageShack since the tiny, three picture slideshow ACTUALLY SHOWS in Preview! Hallelujah!!! This makes me continue to try to get the d*mn thing to show. If it does, I went to go relax with wine and put my feet up (and I don't even drink people!!!)


Raine said...

I wonder what she died of and whats gonna happen to her poor little girl

MYSTI said...

Thinking the same thing raine.