Sunday, November 12, 2006

Babies to the Vet

This is one of 16 pandas recently born in China. Just one of the very adorable pics I stole out of an email about it.

Tomorrow the babies are going to the vet. Emma needs her Bordatella shot (prevents kennel cough) and she has these small bumps for no reason. Poor Reese, my Siamese, has a swollen right eye and what sincerely looks like pus leaking out of it! Yummy, I know. I am NOT losing another cat, not to anything, so I will attempt an early get up time to make his appointment, preferably when Emma's is (she's already set to go tomorrow.) Hah! Reese is NOT a good travel companion and is truly the most manic kitty I've ever seen in the vet room. Please think of me and prayers are accepted. :)

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mysti said...

Ya know I am praying for you! I hope the visit to the vet goes with out problems. Talk with you soon!