Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NutriSystem cardboard (I mean food!) has arrived!!

All right! I have received my NutriSystem food. My main concern at this point is that the pictures on the cartons and whatnot of each food item make the food look nearly unpalatable. I'm thinking this is a serious concern, since I assume the company would make every effort to make this stuff at least look potentially yummy. I am not convinced, but sincerely this is literally judging the food by its cover. I will get more of a chance to confirm or (hopefully) deny this when I taste my first morsel tomorrow.

Since I am bipolar and I sometimes have to do the simple things that many normies take for granted, included here is a simple list I have for myself for tomorrow:

1. Get up early enough to eat breakfast at breakfast time. I am so looking forward to my breakfast bar or dried scrambled egg concoction, as my months of not going to the grocery store (a related bipolar issue) has caused me to somehow not be in possesion of my skim milk, so pre-portioned cereal in its own prepackaged bowl will have to wait for another morning. I must say I feel like a bit of an idiot paying a company to simply portion my cereal to me. If I liked cereal I would already be eating it. But this is a time of testing, I shall eat what they gave me and customize later. I am prepared for a potentially bland diet, I assume I have to give something up (taste?) to give up the fat and fling it to wherever invisible place that fat doth go.

2. I'm looking forward to my shower. My hair is ready for an oil change, and since I'm planning to actually rise in the a.m. I have made the important and stunning decision to wait until morning to do it. I had to choose to wait as much thought was put into when the all-important hair cleansing would occur. This is an added self-inflicted, competitive pressure upon myself to do three simple things that every working normie thinks nothing about (get up/take shower/eat~maybe not in that exact order).

3. I will stay awake. I will not go back to bed, despite any morning dementia experienced, wipe the drool, and ACTUALLY HAVE ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY IN WHICH TO ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING. I am already dizzy thinking of the possiblities.

Why on Earth, you ask yourself, would a person make a list of such inane, everyday activities. It lets you into my mind, people, and shows how not so far away from the actually mentally challenged that I am. Good evening, and may the morning bring stunning, dazzling accomplishments to us all! :)


mysti said...

Oh the plan sounds simply delish! lol hmmmm I think you are right, if it does not look so great on the front of the box... not sure what it will look like when it is actually in front of you and ready to eat... You are very brave my friend. I will pray that the meals are not so bad....

Obsidian Kitten said...

i am so blushing right now with how familiar that sounds!

eeeek. the challenges normies will never face.

last time i ate, can't remember. (number of times i've burst into tears in grocery store because i couldn't figure out what to buy? more than i care to mention) i did eat dinner tonight, though (ok, so it was 10pm, but i ate)

last time i showered/washed hair...more than 1 week, less than 3 weeks

as for is 6am and i am still up. this means that tomorrow i will (a) sleep all day and repeat the cycle; (b) get up by noon but need a nap and then repeat the cycle; or (c) not sleep much or at all, be all sleep-deprived and weird and delirious and go to bed early tomorrow night

i can just as easily sleep 16 hours as 6 hours...somehow it doesn't seem to make any difference. there's no such thing as "a good night's sleep" when all i ever want to do is crawl back in the bed...ah, sweet bed! (except when it's 5am, then i like to be awake. what's with that?)

maybe i should have someone sending me pre-proportioned food, too. hmm...