Tuesday, January 20, 2009

With a watchful eye.

I am celebrating the inauguration of Barack Obama.

I do it reservedly actually ~ quietly watching, waiting.

I hope that he does do something for the disabled in this country. I especially hope there is better understanding of what it means to be disabled because of a mental illness.

(To be disabled because of a real disorder, it is Not imagined - so there, Scientologists and anyone else who doesn't believe in psychological disorders. Scientologists don't take responsibility for the Full You - brain chemicals and all. Explain my disorder to me then (unnatural mood-swings & all that it encompasses and yes, that's disabling). I would be dead without my mood-stabilizing chemical additives and a little understanding from a therapist, family & friends (perhaps not in that order!)

When I say that I hope that he 'does something' for us, I mean specifically his attitude is of great importance to me. An openess of mind and the courage to put forth the effort to break down barriers in that direction are things that I see great potential for, and that I am hopeful for.

I don't know what the future holds, if this President can be effective or not. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt right now and I certainly hope he will not only put bills into effect, while respecting his bounds as a President, but will be the face and attitude that Americans and the world can respect.

Note: I have noticed that I have mellowed greatly from my extremely angry days in previous posts that I named 'poly-ticks.' I feel almost that I should apologize for not putting a 'my anger in general can probably be triggering' warning on my blog for those previous posts. What a world of difference Abilify has made in my life.


Wanda's Wings said...

I too have hope he does something to help the mentally disabled. One thing I would love to see is make the medicine more affordable. I am thankful for Geodon,but it cost over $1000.00 a month and I am already in the doughnut hole where my insurance doesn't pay. I know there are many people that struggle with this every year. we can only hope and pray for the best out come.

Tracy said...

As i watched the inauguration today, I was happy that this country has come such a long way. History was made today! How awesome is that? So many people voted for this man and i admit also i have many hopes myself that positive change will take place in the years to come.

I felt sadness though i have to admit that President Bush who did keep our country safe, was treated so shamefully, with people booing him, and even a song being sung by some in the crowd. (na na na na,na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, gooooodbye was being sung.) How sad that so many say they want unity yet, they actually were not showing such at that particular moment themselves. I myself think every President deserves respect whether one likes them or not. I never cared for President Clinton, but i did respect that he was President, and deserved respect from everyone. As does Bush, and now Obama.

Ok not sure why i wrote that all here, i almost wrote a post myself on the topic, but feel rather emotional about it, and fear i might go off into a rage myself over anyone disrespecting our Presidents. I guess i know you know my heart, and I can be open , and you wont tear into me regarding this whole topic. Hugs my friend!

I do hope The newest president makes people aware of all disabilities, and a need for people to understand them better.

Hope to talk with you soon!

Love ya!

'Tart said...

Dear Wanda,
Thank you for your thoughts. I hope something can be done for medications too, that we so desperately need and are so unaffordable. I am glad that you have found something that works for you.:)

Dear Tracy,
Yes, my DearHeart, you can say what you want - you would never be torn apart here and there is no reason. I respect your fears, as I have a bit of them myself and that is why I wait and see, truthfully.:)

It is disrespectful to sing nana's to our former President. I know that he believes truly in his heart that he did the best he could, I will certainly give him that. You can't ask more of a person. I think he gave what he could. And you're right, some people are just ignorant and don't think of the big picture of their actions - singing nana like that.

I just love you, my friend. I'll talk to you soon.

Raine said...

The Abilify is working for you then. Thats great