Monday, January 5, 2009

Hello early Janvier happenin's (that's January in Francais)

I got very busy today. Not in a manic way, except that I pulled out many things to do and haven't stayed with them, which is probably more manic than not. But I don't feel revved or feel the motor running.

I did follow through and actually wrote down everything I ate today in my online Weight Watcher's journal. WW online is a deal ~ I think I pay $16.95 a month for the service, which is way cheaper than going to meetings and it fits my lifestyle perfectly. I don't feel energized or helped by going to WW meetings in person. Instead, I feel funny, looked at and not particularly supported. My online thing is for me and operated by me, and it has worked in the past!

So I measured my hamburger helper today (cooked) to a one cup portion (I realize that's not dietetic but I wanted to use up the last box of the stuff!) and measured my broccoli to know how much I was getting. This was a first that I can remember, making the effort to measure. But I figured that I would have no clue how much I ate otherwise. Yaaay me!!

That's the 'joy' of Points with WW ~ you know what you ate, if you stay accountable through the day. I don't use my Points perfectly *yet* (hah!) but I am IMPROVING. And the Tart is all about improving.

I pulled out my copy of "Body Clutter" love your body, love yourself by FlyLady, Marla Cilley, and her friend Leanne Ely today. I have read snippets of it here and there, mostly because my attention span is shot for book reading anymore. Such a shame. But anyway, you can see I'm on the bandwagon again.

I ordered my FlyLady calendar today, as well. I could have gotten one back in August, as the calendar starts in August 08 and ends December 09. I can't live without it. It's got huge areas to write your appointments in ~ it's a can't miss to see when you look at the month and I like being able to see a whole month at a time instead of just a week at a time like in my tiny Pug day planner that I can carry with me. I guess I can write down my next appointments with the County people when I'm there in the tiny planner and then transfer it to my FlyLady calendar when it gets here.

Have you heard of It's a free site where they can teach you to clean your house up (you got my attention!), recipes for dinner, and support for as I (never demeaningly) call our 'inner slob.' I love sharing my 'inner slob' with others so we can feel more on the same level. That's just how I operate.

My Wii love is continuing. I have played Every Day since getting it. Now we have purchased Wii Play (cause Wii Fit is still unavailable in our area, not to mention the price) which has Billiards, Shooting, Fishing, a Pong-like game, a Run-yer-cow into the Scarecrows game (never won it yet!), a Find the Miis game and more. Fun, fun, fun! It makes getting your arse off the couch a blast and you don't hardly notice it. The payment to these people for getting me UP and exercising is Worth it!!

I went shopping today at the warehouse store and the regular store. I stay inside so much that shopping is my main contact with people outside the home. I know, that seems sad but I am a fairly happy person. And isn't that precious for a bipolar to say?:)

(*P.S. ~ I've lost an inch!! Yes, since starting my waist measuring thing sometime in early December I think, I lost the lil' bugger somewhere! Goodbye inch! Yer not welcome back on me!:)


Violet said...

Tart, you sound SO upbeat and hopeful and just full of life! I am so happy for you! I have heard nothing but fantastic things about Weight Watchers from the people who've done it and I myself have seen them lose weight. I have been wanting a Wii, because I've been hearing all about how fun and "exercisey" it is. I need more of that in my life! And you're shopping, you're cleaning, you seem to have balance... you are just such a ray of sunshine to me right now. :) I know I should go to the gym by the way- in regards to your comment on my site. My goal is to go once by the end of the week. Doesn't sound like much, but it's better than what I've previously been doing, hehe. Keep smiling, hun. Luv ya. Jena

Tracy said...

You lost an inch! wooohooooooo does a happy dance for you! Now i need to. Great job on following through with measuring, and writing stuff down in a journal!!

Wanda's Wings said...

Weight Watcher's is a good program I lost 50lbs on it last year. It's fun seeing the inches drop! Now if I could get organized (ha ha) I would have it made.

Raine said...

Congratulations on that inch! they are hardwon