Saturday, January 24, 2009

kitty in the sunlight,

Made some changes on the blog today. Turns out is gone or not working or something and two of my pictures: the welcome and the hammocked kitty are gone.

I am trying to feed us more frugally and put in my first set of Navy beans into the crockpot. I am hoping Husband will like them so we can have Beans, beans for more meals. Hopefully buying a bag 'o beans at the store is still pretty cheap and once you separate the bad from the good, rinse 'em and put whatever you want with them in the crockpot, you just put it on for a couple of hours and it goes on its own!:)


Mike Golch said...

Beans are good especially bean soup.

Tracy said...

hummm about the postpalace..... I love beans. Plus they are so good for you. I hope they turned out for ya!


Raine said...

put em over brown rice and they are megahealthy

Wanda's Wings said...

Love beans with rice and a side of corn bread. Oh I'm hungry now. Love the kitty cat.