Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Will B Gone for the Holiday:)

Greece, The Cyclades Islands, Webshots. (Not going here, but isn't it beautiful? I'm thankful for scenes like this.:)
Collection of kitties, Webshots.

Made my cupcakes today, after getting up early and taking Husband to work since my car's battery/alternator has given up the ghost (a-nother expense!!) and the only way to have a car is to share.

I had to take my beautiful Siamese to the kennel today. I felt like I was signing away my only child (my Pugs are a different kind of children) to the nut house, where he was not going to understand that I was coming back for him, an' it made me sad.

We are going to see the inlaws. Everyone - have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things, amongst them wonderful friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Mike Golch said...

TART,Wishing you and your family a happy thanksgiving.

Tracy said...

I hope you made it safe and sound, with no problems to your inlaws. know you were on my mind all day yesterday, and wishing you and your hubby a Happy Thanksgiving!

Raine said...

I hope you had a wonderful very happy thanksiving!

Hopefulsl said...

Hey Tart!
Hope everything went well on Thanksgiving and that you and your husband had a good time!!!!!
Thinking of you lots and glad that you are one of my friends :) You always put a smile on my face.
Gotta go now, talk to you again soon!

Denise said...

I pray that you just had a great Time !!!