Sunday, November 2, 2008

A serious note: Anonymous-es

I am thinking quite seriously of lifting my 'no anonymous' part of my comments.

It was something that I instituted after receiving a mean-spirited, kamikaze comment from an anonymous person on a well-Googled post of mine.

I felt not only was it meant to be personally cruel to me, with no flavor of helpful criticism, much like an MSN hate board, it really bothered me as to how I was going to respond to it and I ended up deleting it, just like any of us would do with spam.

Signing something 'anonymous' that is cruel, with the person who wrote it obviously afraid you will come back and say something on their blog, or find out anything about them, or to spread a feeling of mean-spiritedness or whatever cop-out reason these people do it is COWARDLY.

So I decided to stop anymore anon's for that time being until I felt a little stronger.

I ask sincerely, that commenter's understand what I have stated from the outset most importantly on this blog - that I have a mental illness and for all my strength with my illness, please be considerate. I don't think, no I know, that I have ever gone to another blog and tried to tear someone apart, and I ask the same consideration from the public.

You can blog with a pseudonym, like me, I am 'Tart, you can not be a blogger at all and simply want to leave a comment, you can be one of my Wordpress friends that I have always valued greatly and appreciate the efforts they have made during my 'anon' moratorium (thank you in particular, Mike Golch) - I'm going to be brave, give it a try and go to allowing all to comment on my blog again.

You may never know how much I value the visitors to my blog, first and foremost.

It has become increasingly important for me to REACH OUT in blog world and the reality world to continue my so-called Recovery from bipolar (I am not convinced I like the word recovery, but that can be a post in itself). It is trust I leave with you, an attempt to lift from myself some of my security paranoia, (which is great, and another post as well).

I wanted to give a heads up on this subject, I may even post something on my sideboard, I don't know. I wish you well, and happy commenting.


Tracy said...

I totally understand! hugggssss and... you should be very proud of your self for the courage and strength you are exhibiting right now! Huge deal.

'Tart said...

Thank you Tracy! I appreciate that!:)