Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We are without hot water!!

Yes, as seemingly inevitably (according to my husband's somewhat negative attitude about things falling apart) something fell apart at home, actually two days ago.

I noticed when I went to wash my face two evenings ago that there was no hot water but Husband didn't think too much of it. He noticed it Yesterday, when trying to wash something in the clothes washer. We realized too, that when we ran the dishwasher, that was probably lacking in (wonderful sanitizing) hot water as well.

Hot water comes in HAN-dy, especially when it's cold outside and you don't want to freeze your bejeevers off in the shower. Nothing worse than being cold, naked and nothing but a thin towel to warm you up before you get dressed!!

Husband was home yesterday, as luck would have it, literally for a sick day. He is still not feeling well, but I think figuring out what to do about the water heater is going to be something we will be talking about!!

Speaking of Husband, I finished his scarf!! It's shown on the 'Good Stuff' page, along with a recipe for Chicken Vegetable Soup. Go check it out!


Mike Golch said...

BUMMER!!!!!But it does seem that the water heater picks the oddest times to quite working.

Mike Golch said...

hey kiddo I have somethig for you one my site,come and git it!

Hopefulsl said...

Oh Tart, How horrible it must be not having hot water!!!!!! Now if that were to happen to us, OH NO, Watch out cause i do not do well without hot water. We had that happen to us about a 1 & 1/2 ago and i called my husband at work to complain!!!! Of course he couldn't just leave right then and there because it wasn't like life or death situation....But to me it was. LOL, Let me tell you, i made a lot of calls and when my sweet loving husband came home i already had it all settled and before he could sit down and relax, out the door he was running to pick up our new hot water heater. HEE,HEE.....Like i said, I DO NOT DO WELL WITHOUT HOT WATER! So i really do feel for you :( Hope you are able to fix the problem soon?