Saturday, May 24, 2008

One week off Lithium

Tell me how you really feel!
Please note: I am off of Lithium, which I have taken at a pdoc's direction for 20 years. He has been reducing my amount for several months, since I had the toxicity and had to be hospitalized for it. It had reached a non-therapeutic range after all his lowering of it after the toxicity and he recently asked me to stop taking it. I started to cry, and didn't want to at that time. I see him again in June, when he will find out that I went ahead and followed his original orders. I went ahead and stopped taking that drug this past Saturday, May 17, 2008.

The pdoc also put me on Atenonol, 25 mg, when I saw him on May 12, 2008. This was to stop the tarkinesia I've been experiencing in my hands and jaw. Well, whether its the Atenonol or lack of Lithium the shake is GREATLY reduced and come to think of it my jaw is not moving nearly as much, but it does move. My mouth keeps trying to line up my teeth again. I think my original orthodontist would be a little pissed at all this messed up jaw stuff. They worked so hard to get everything lined up (years of braces).

So, I am more controlled in the hands (the shaking) but my legs are nearly always moving and antsy. I guess I suffer from restless legs. I can't still seem to get anything done. No crocheting, or cleaning of my house, no Ebay, no thinking about anything fun except reading my People magazine (it requires so little effort). I don't know if I'm manic, Husband thinks so, or just montrously lazy or getting ready to get sick from something again.

Sleeping is sometimes difficult, so I make sure I take my Lunesta to sleep, but sometimes I twist and turn waiting for that to happen. Unh. I am so bored and yet want to RUN. Yeah, right, I never exercise. And Both ears feel plugged, A-gain!

I did mow the lawn yesterday so that husband wouldn't have to do it. He's got enough to do.

And so is today's post: a litany of near ills and malaise.

I do hope everyone enjoys this Memorial Day weekend.

With all my whining, I forgot to thank the men and women who make my whining and every freedom possible. There are no words to thank those folks.


MYSTI said...

Hugs you Tart, know that I care, and am thinking about you as well as praying for you. Know that anything new, getting off Lithium and being put on other things, takes time. You have been amazingly courageous in getting through these changes. You are doing though, you are not lazy, mowing the lawn is huge! Not only has it helped your husband, but it was an accomplishment. Give yourself a pat on the back for that accomplishment.

((((Tart)))) Surrounding you in hugs and prayers my friend.


Raine said...

I hope it gets better for you and perhaps it will with a bit more time