Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Acknowledgement - You make a difference...

...just by being you.:)

Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I say I don't like YouTubes, I got a stunning, must see one in my email. It made me cry, including the words afterward. It comes from
this site.

This comes with a spoiler note: suicide is discussed. But it is a lesson on why each of us is too worthy of life, and as human beings, to never to do that.

I can tell you from experience when you are thinking that way, you aren't thinking right; the thinking is literally faulty and I ask that you ask someone for help, please don't keep it to yourself, and please don't think you don't matter.

It breaks my heart to think we lose wonderful, fine people everyday, and you don't have to be one of them. Talk to someone, and if you are bipolar and are familiar with this fight, please continue fighting that good fight against it. This world needs every heart that struggles with this beastly illness. Continue to try.

Each of us does matter, and can make a difference, and don't forget to tell the people around you that they do, as well.

I hope you enjoy this YouTube. I only care about the message of the video, not any propaganda from the site or materials that can be bought. That is up to you. But I have watched this several times and it is Jungletart approved, which might be saying something!
Love, Tart.

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MYSTI said...

I cried while watching this as you already know. Thank you for sharing. This was a powerful post and video. Hugs