Thursday, June 7, 2007

Is Nicole Ritche pregnant?

No! Many malnutritioned bodies have distended bellies. Every seen starving Africans on television?

No! She's too mean, sarcastic and nasty for someone to want to get close enough to procreate with her.

No! She's past the pregnant part and has skipped to 'eating her young.'

What a nasty mean bitch. Ever listen to her on The Supposed Simple Life? She makes her money by being mean and awful to anyone she meets. Watch out Parents, she's a supposed role model to messed up kids everywhere. Why does anyone even care if she farts let alone makes more of her? Talk about no talent and being famous for nothing.


Raine said...

I havent watched it since the first season but I know the first one she was on heroin....... I dont pay much attention to any of that stuff any more- I call of the holly wood stuff "trash tv" :P

MYSTI said...

We talked about this yesterday some... Laughs I am sorry I did not know who she was. I agree though if she is that mean spirited why does any one really care?