Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Movies3: Wrote a lil somethin' about it.

Alright. I’ve seen all three of 3’s that have been released so far: Shrek 3, Pirates of the Carribean (the 3rd one), and SpiderMan 3.

Understand that I’ve taken the high-falutent movie analyzation classes in college. Yeah, this is what I can tell you about that: pompous, arrogant, blowholes trying, once again, to tell me what I should think, how I should write about it, etc.

What people like my movie professor and the similarly educated blowholes that write movie rundowns have always forgot is that the average person doesn’t care about the supposed over analyzation and vocabulary that they these mutton head writers use to cover what can be a simple thing.

I love reading what ‘People’ magazine has to say about movies because they know most people don’t care about all that crap. And the people that have said to me “But that came out of ‘People’” are frankly sad, because they’re letting themselves be limited.

Maybe some people don’t get a gut reaction about a movie like I do. I see a trailer and I think, oooooh I want to see that one. As everyone who’s heard me here on the blog knows I’m not going to have that reaction over a horror movie. Nope, don’t mind being limited to sanity or the boring ol’ natural. Ssssooo (NOT) sorry!!!

So, without further ado, I had the gut reaction about seeing each of the triad, although I admit less so about Spidey. Guess what? I liked Spidey best. And for some reason, those ‘talented’ movie writers keep slamming it with all that falutent college talk that no ‘normal’ person gets or cares about.

First I saw Shrek 3. Well, that was cute, it wasn’t going to hurt any of my sensibilities but I hope there is a child or even parent out there that got more out of it than myself. And I did like it, if that’s what you’re wondering. Still, in my world, it was…bland. It’s like hearing a favorite fairytale, being wrapped up in happy and just wanna snooze happily into sleepyland. I realized I was trying to follow along with everything but maybe all this is much more real and new to a kid. And didn’t those muttonhead writers gush over this one? More power to the franchise. That porridge was cold, comparatively.

Pirates of the Carribean 3 appeals to me much more, ‘cause what warm blooded woman is not thrilled to just look at Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom? That electricity is enough to get excited by all the stuff they do. I thought this one was thrilling but I wonder if that’s because they walk around and continue being themselves. Plot, oh thank you very much. Now turn around. Camera, up, down. Un hunh. Perhaps its some indication that I can’t even remember what long a__ name they gave to the 3rd. Mmhmm. That’s nice. Porridge: warm.

SpiderMan 3. I had options to see this before the others. (By the way, this was in a several week period. Sheesh, I didn’t see all this consecutively. I’m not paid to have no life. Really!) Buut, my ‘spidey sense’ wasn’t all keen to go before I saw this one. Why do I in fact like this movie best? Well, it’s not because I ever thought Tobey McGuire was particularly hot, and frankly I knew that the comic book thing wasn’t going to wrap me in feelings of warm cookie love (does anybody else want to eat Shrek’s gingerbreadman, when he’s right out of the oven?). Call me crazy, people, but there’s acting in here! Well, I don’t know what the Acting Guild would say, but there are times in this movie when Peter/Spidey/Tobey looks in the camera and you feel it, you know what he’s thinking. I think they had to complete a class or two, to slowly get me in the point in the movie where it wasn’t about all the stuff you expect (Shrek), not based off pure sexiness (Pirates) and just put forth your story and make me FEEL what’s going on inside the actor. HOT porridge.

Sure, I saw it this past weekend. Could have been premenstrual. Husband said its definitely a chick flick. A chick flick! Who would have thought cause the nutty comic people would thought it was about Spidey and his continuing thing. Turns out, a big meatball/comic book freak at husband’s work (yes, a 45+ male. And married, ladies.) HATED Spidey3, said it’s ‘a waste’. I loved it and didn’t even think I would. So there you go.

Now, just waiting for Ocean’s 13. Hope it’s a combination of everything that ought to be good in cinema. Yeah, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon…oh but I discussed that in an earlier post. Yummy.

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