Friday, June 8, 2007

They said she was Sick. Don't that mean nuthin' to you?

So Tart’s been watching the ‘Paris Hilton got out of jail’ debacle. It’s not a debacle that she got out of jail. The way people are reacting to it is a debacle.

When Husband said she got out after 2 ½ days my first reaction was, “I bet she’s having a nervous breakdown.” Turns out I am right.

Certainly, for a crime being a misdemeanor, for already being scolded by every Tom, Dick and Henrietta in the nation, and for being a person who never had to use skill, willpower, strength, or suffer years of being without to be a celebrity, why, Why I ask you must this be A) a shock, B) something to continually whip her with C) This is proof positive that the public has no clue that true mental anguish/psychosis is just as much if not more of a real and terrible thing than if someone had thrown acid on her face?

I have been putting forth for years that there is a stigma about mental illness in this country. Most people prefer the belief that it doesn’t even exist! This reaction by seeming millions, maybe just thousands of people that this is all a load of shit is PROOF POSITIVE to me that the public does not understand what mental problems are, dismisses them as though they don’t exist and to me, is the true place where anger should lie in all of this.

Here is an excerpt from the story off Yahoo that Paris is out and had to go to court to discuss her case instead of on the phone.

What transpired here is outrageous," county Supervisor Don Knabe told The
Associated Press, adding he received more than 400 angry e-mails and hundreds
more phone calls from around the country.
Hilton's return home "gives the
impression of ... celebrity justice being handed out," he said.
Baca dismissed the criticism, saying the decision was made based on medical
"It isn't wise to keep a person in jail with her problem over an
extended period of time and let the problem get worse,"
Baca told the Los
Angeles Times on Thursday.
"My message to those who don't like celebrities is
that punishing celebrities more than the average American is not justice,"

Exactly. Her personal debacle can be considered fun and games until the poor wretch developed a psychological condition. End of story.

I am not surprised that she developed a psychological condition. I saw the many shows of ‘What its going to be like for Paris in Jail.’ I am thinking her having zero privacy while taking a shower would be enough for her. This is a very pampered individual, we know that much. And the very thing she is resented for might just have been her downfall – never having had to use anything but family connection, money, beauty (the first two can buy that as well), she never had to prove herself as a PERSON, and never had to work for the dolla’s. So what follows is this: she is weak. It doesn’t surprise me that two and half days in ‘The Hole’ would break her.

As a complete sidebar, I don’t have connections, money, fame (thank you God!) or any of that crap. I had to spend SIX MONTHS in a state mental hospital which is the equivalent of jail, not because I was criminal but because I was sick. I was 24 at the time. Not only did I survive it, I have thrived since. It’s things like this that separate the strong from the weak. Period.

So that’s okay. Paris is weak and can’t handle not being pampered or the thought of not doing so for 20+ days. Honestly, if she has found the place inside where she actually touched some reality (shall we say by courting non-reality!) I really think that will make her a better person. She’s a kid for Gosh sakes, a flitting fly of importance on the American scene. We get irritated by her for a few minutes on the evening television screen and our petty, insignificant and apparently bitter, nasty, jealous little lives go on.

And that brings me to what really pisses me off. The American reaction to this. For a country that cries “We’re based on Christian Values” whenever its convenient for them, I’d like to ask where the hell that went? For that matter, where did your supposed ever-supposed present Sanity go to? It’s a misdemeanor! I paid $50 for a somewhat similar crime less than 10 years ago (got an entire post about it).

Worse, it’s not Christianity or the lack of it that doesn’t recognize or give worth to the pain of mental illness – no it’s ignorance. Ignorance and an unwillingness to EVEN LOOK AT IT. People are not even considering that pain, and that for Paris, this is the end of the world, or seems damn close to it. Why not a little pity for a terrible problem? I see a complete jump OVER the issue by going right to the indignity of her insolence at getting out. Are you not listening to the people who are right there looking at her? She’s SICK, on the verge of being REALLY SICK. So all you bastards agree with the Scientologists that don’t BELIEVE its possible to ‘be sick’ like this? Or is it in fact you all agree with the Nazis, that sure, there’s sick, and they should all be dead BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO LOOK AT IT. Ouch, you evil Americans, what the hell is wrong with you?!

Is my existence in this world and on the web just lip service out of people too? Is the existence of mental illness such an f’n problem that you either can’t admit to it even happening or you can just easily hate someone who’s got it? Are we supposed to crawl away and never make YOU look at your extremely wrong internal thinking??

If you think any of THAT is faulty thinking, then I invite these ‘masses of angry haters’ to explain to me Why you can’t cut a break for a person who broke down? People automatically assume its not real because a day before she went in she was partying down the red carpet. NEWS FLASH: I was ‘normal’ and ‘very happy’ the Friday before I FLIPPED OUT by Monday. What do you want? A warning system? It doesn’t work that way.

It is utterly shameful how people are acting about this. On many fronts. It seems to be fueled by people seeing other people acting badly and so on and on the normie bitching goes. It’s people like you that give this world a bad f’n name, and make me want to keep myself inside ‘case I was to hurt yer delicate sensibilities. Hunh, but this computer thing they got in here sure is interesting. I think I’ll check it out. Ooooh, it’s got buttons. Better not the mentally ill near THAT!!


Ivy said...

i agree the whole thing is sick.. I agree she is having a mental break down.. And probably a drug with drawl problem too.. (just sayin) .. I believe the judge made an ass out of himself by saying she now has to serve the entire 45 day sentence.. But I also believe she broke the law not once.. not twice but 3 times.. She'd already been warned.. she thought the whole thing was really funny and amusing till she was faced with reality and that her fame wouldnt get her out of trouble.. But I think partially her fame dug her deeper.. I think had she been respectful and not looked at the whole issue as funny and taken some responsibility for her actions instead of blaiming others.. she wouldnt have been in this mess in teh first place.
People who have mental break downs for whatever reason.. are thrown in jail every day. People who are addicted to drugs are throwin in every day to deal with detox in a pretty harsh way. That causes a mental break down. None the less they do serve their time.. Where I live people sit in jail for alot less charges for alot longer becuase of stupid stuff.. but i live in a small hick town too..

They couldnt put Paris into regular population at the jail.. She was kept away from everyone for the most part.. She was allowed visitors and everything else.. Her celebrity isnt the only reason she is back in jail. Her lack of self control and respect for authorities is the whole reason she ended up there in teh first place. She was on probabion and she knew this yet ignored it not only once but twice. She really didnt seem to care thinking she was paris hilton that she'd get away with it.. walk in teh park right? wrong.. i do think she is being made an example of.. Not really a good thing.. So if she is having a mental break down.. Lets let her serve her time in mental facility where they can treat her.. Sending her home when she had total disregard for the laws THREE times is imo special treatment.. Sure she had a mental break down.. many people do when they are thrown in jail.. treat her for it.. Dont sent her home to her lush surroundings wiht her big comfy couch and her pampered little world.. Hell give her community service and make her work it off.. She could have killed someone whil driving under the influence and whiel they let it go.. she turned around and broke the law 2 more times.. She was warned.. and it was ignored.. Had she not broken the law 3 times.. Then i'd be completely on your side of things.. but this isnt some kid who just made a wrong choice once.. NO she made a wrong choice 3 times.. And really thought because of who she was it wouldnt be a big deal.. Most celebrities do.. But they are not above the law.. Because she is a pampered princess who is used to the pampered life doesnt mean she shouldnt be punished.. She may not be cut out for jail but many people who are in jail arent.. If she has a mental break down.. Treat her for it.. but she should still be made responsible for her actions. Maybe not the way the judge is handling it.. but she should still be made responsible..

I think the jail couldnt handle the media frenzy and paris and everything else that went along with her..

Raine said...

The thing is they dont let anybody else out for mental illness. My daughter was in there with a mental illness and they gave me crap about her pills. Have a nervous breakdown in jail/prison? the standard procedure is not to be let out - its to see the prison shrink. Why should Paris get special treatment? Half the women in jail are there with mental illnesses and specifically because of them. Nobody lets them out. I have no doubt she is really in distress. I also have no doubt there are Thousands of other women in even worse distress in there who are not being let out or even being given appropriate treatment. Paris will undoubtedly be seeing private doctors rather than jailhouse shrinks and getting the best of medications. She has no right to be driving around drunk. Just like no one else does. I only wish every other mentally ill woman in a jail or prison could get the care that Paris is undoubtedly going to get. As far as making an example of her..... hundreds of people are going to jail with less warning everyday. Its just they arent rich and famous so you arent seeing it on TV. They all cry on the way in and they are all in distress over it. And I have no sympathy for her. Shes driving around drunk. She could kill someones child.