Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Seroquel slump. (so far)

Aww sweet Kitty-kitty!
You may have seen this picture in an email (that is where I snagged it from). I just want to iterate that this is NOT me on Seroquel as could have been expected. I am having an amazingly okay time of it with a med change. I think it's because I am following Dr.'s order and weaning the Abilify as directed and starting with a low dose of the ol' Seroquel-aro. Getting those nasty neurons in a better place? Let's hope so.
Sometimes waking up in the morning is the hardest thing to do. But when the dogs start whining and you've got a little one that has to GO, and you are the one to take care of them that day, there's not much choice.
Okay, perhaps it helped that I had some caffeine this morning (in my Crystal Lite peach mango antioxidant tea stuff) and now I am definitely awake, buuuut I am plotting my day now!:)
Have a great Sunday!:)


the walking man said...

...and you have a great Sunday as well.

'Tart said...

:). Welcome walking man!

Kimminentdanger said...

It's always good to hear that meds are working the way they should, with the least amount of *ugh* as possible! You sound like you're adjusting really well, and I'm happy for you toots!

'Tart said...

Thank you very much Ms. Danger (kin I call you that?)! Welcome to the blog!:)

Kimminentdanger said...

Thank you kindly. :)

And yes... you can call me that. (Not too many things I HAVEN'T been called!) lol

Denise said...

Glad that you are doing well.... and that is a tooooooooooo cute picture!

Jena said...

Ahhh Seroquel. I'm the Queen Seroquel Bee. I've felt the effects of every dose- first time ever dose, hundreds and hundreds of mg's dose, changing med times, mixing of alcohol, taking with ativan as prn (25 or 50 mg for that)... etc. If you need advice on this medication, give me a shout. I'd be happy to help. I took this one instead of any other bipolar meds as well, based on research that it was good to treat bipolar. That lasted awhile. I am still taking it. 400mg at night. I don't think I'll ever have another easy morning. It's just one of those sacrifices. I find that if I take it with my other night meds and go to bed within the hour, I need 9 hours of sleep, but then I wake up with ease. I realize everyone is different but that's my experience for what it's worth. Have fun & Good luck!