Wednesday, June 3, 2009

David, my brother-in-law is healing. We visited on Memorial Day weekend and he was walking with a cane. Now, his mom says, he sometimes carries the cane and doesn't use it and also forgets to use the sling for his arm. But now he has a crack in his tailbone, an x-ray says. But he is coming along.

I have been not doing so well for two days. I went out Monday to help a friend move some boxes and went with another long-time friend. The interaction between us somehow saddened me, to the point that I had to take a Klonapin that night, early the next morning and was out of it for the baking thing and could not go. I am better today. But still feel cry-ey. Maybe it's hormonal.

I found a recipe for hot and sour soup in a Weight Watchers 'Take-out Tonight!' cookbook and can't wait to show it to our baking/cooking supervisor. I love the hot and sour soup at a certain restaurant my husband and I go to and if I was dying I'd like to know how to make it. Having a recipe for it is the closest thing.

I signed up to put my Coke points or 'Coke Rewards' in the computer and get stuff for it. Actually, I've been doing it for a couple of years: I have gotten a Christmas ornament, a coupon for a drink, a subscription for 'Good Housekeeping' (good coupons in there!) and now I'm working on getting 'Everyday Food' a magazine by Martha Stewart about food and recipes.

My left hand shake and jaw shake is really there. I see the p-doc tomorrow and will discuss. My husband has apparently always thought I should get off the Abilify when I started having the shakes (hello, a year ago) but what is there? It has been working in many ways. The anxiety is difficult as well.

Blossom, the baby Pug, is acting really lethargic. It's not normal. And considering what happened with Mia, my little Pug, I Am paranoid. She is sleeping on my lap but I can tell from the way she's been acting all day that something is up. So I made an appointment for her tomorrow morning. Hopefully, it is something easily fixable.

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Tracy said...

Hugs my friend. Know that you have been on my mind, and in my prayers. Strange but i have been feeling very sentimental and teary eyed also. To the point where i was wondering if my hormones were out of wack. I cry at the smallest things lately. I am very emotional. I will be calling you soon Tart. Know that I care. Hugs my friend.