Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Made the Hot & Sour soup!:)

and it was delicious!!

I was a little jangled while cooking today because we had a reporter come by and do a story on the baking thing. It was from the same local newspaper that I used to work for, and even a reporter whose name was familiar. He was congenial enough though, although I hesitate to think or am a little afraid of what he will write as I probably spilled too much beans about myself. But I know the editor and chief very well (I still have that person's email address!) so I guess I could complain if it came to that.

Anyway, the soup was yummy with lots of tofu, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, chicken broth, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, cornstarch, water, and a little egg white in the end. I love that soup so much I'll buy it as a comfort food in the largest container possible from the local Chinese restaurant. The last time I did that and picked it up myself it was $4.20!! Highway robbery! Now I know how to make it myself and I am sooo happy!


Denise said...

I have missed being here! Missed all my friends, but just needed to take a break! I will be back full steam this week.......

I pray that you are well and happy,,, I will come and read tomorrow or the next day.... I got to catch up!

Tracy said...

Oh Yum! I am so glad you are now able to make it. It sounds to me my friend like you are becoming an awesome cook! Kudos :D

Denise said...

Sounds tasty! I do not cook anymore! Me and the DH eat fresh salad and stuff.. Once in a while a piece of grilled Salmon...... so you go and get good at this cooking thing and I will come by for a snack!

sending hugs