Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Monday.

Today I spent the day with a friend, had lunch, did errands with her and a little shopping. It was fun.

I am going to be working at the Drop-in Center soon. I will be a Facilitator (with other people that are also Facilitators). That's a person that keeps an eye on everybody and makes sure no major rules are broken and basically hangs out with the clients and cleans twice a day and does whatever else needs doing. I start a training program on Wednesday for 4 Wednesdays and then begin the job at the end of July after my vacation. This is an actual job, I will be on payroll and no longer a volunteer!!

I will still do the baking thing until that is over for me. That's supposed to be a six-month program.

I am planning my vacation and very excited about it. I will be going to see my Mom and we are going fishing and to the beach. It will only be for a couple of days but I am sooo looking forward to it.


Tracy said...

Yayyyy Congrats on the job! Wooohoooo my friend. I am so happy for you.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your mom. I am excited for you.

I also hope the med change helps.

Blessings my sweet friend, and hugs.

'Tart said...

Hugs to you, Sweet friend.:)