Friday, May 8, 2009

What has been going on with me.

I have been busy.

The things that seem to come first in my life - my animals and my mental illness - have kept me busy.

This week Blossom, the new Pug puppy, got spayed, got her nose roto-rootered (as my husband puts it) and her soft palate shaved off, I guess to stop any potential snoring and it's supposed to elongate their life because they can breathe better.

That was two trips to the Vet in one week, for drop off (and waiting a day - wanh!) and pick up.

Today I took my cat for his yearly, that was another trip to the 'other' doctor.

Yesterday was Mental Health Day. I sold my angel pins for Trillium Center for a tidy sum, at least I thought so, and manned the selling of the beaded necklaces, which we sold a few of.

The best parts of our Mental Health Day were regular mental health consumers coming up and talking at a podium and just being themselves and the comraderie of the mental health consumers in general. We know each other from different programs and I got to see some people that I haven't seen in a loooonng time. Everyone's a hugger practically, because damnit - we're sweet. People don't think twice about hugging long lost friends.

They gave out silver ribbon pins for spreading Brain disorder awareness, as mental illnesses are brain disorders. I also liked the suicide prevention button in the shape of a heart "I Love Life."

The Ebay thing, which is taking a considerable amount of time, is a learning experience. I have discovered Auctiva, the free site that will put up pictures of everything you're selling in each listing, which I just Know is super! I am getting the courage up to sell my Dad's books and everything I learn will just help that much more.


Mike Golch said...

some times we do get involved with the things that we love doing.{{{{HUGS}}}}

'Tart said...

HUGS to you Mike. Yeah, I really have a good time listing those books. I really do love it!