Friday, May 8, 2009

The Therapist and maybe insurance

First of all, the new therapist was mind-boggling!! Well, I should say her waiting room was, which was actually a product of her co-therapist, or other person she works with.

There was New Age music, REAL chairs WITH PILLOWS, beautiful walls with positive messages everywhere, a waterfall - I was so relaxed filling out the new patient forms that I could have fallen asleep - now that's a new one!

I was offered a bottled water while waiting. The other therapist brings her DOG to work with her, an adorable Chow Chow pup (a large fuzzball) - you can imagine how I loved that!

The T. herself seemed perfectly competent, we seemed sympatico, and I liked her just fine.

But I had to LAUGH when she started apologizing to me that I would not always be able to reach her on weekends (as she has a mountain home) as she indicated that I could email her as well - I LAUGHED because I have been with the County for 15 years nearly and I have NEVER been able to get a therapist to return a call on a weekend or in 24 hours for that matter (which apparently this T. does!) and NEVER were any of us allowed to EMAIL a therapist (!) and I have learned to be very independent and not need them for much except the monthly b*tchfest that constitutes a session with my "beloved" County T.

What a difference private insurance makes. (And the perserverance to not settle for the Mickey Mouse operation at the local mental hospital.)

I thought I was in therapist heaven. I thought all was beyond 'well.'


I get a call this past Tuesday...

The wonderful new therapist with the New Age music and beautiful walls tells me that her billing person has just realized that they DON'T take my insurance.

But that she has applied to my particular insurance and expects and answer Soon, as in a few months.

Not a problem, I think. I haven't completely cut off ties with the County T., I can stay with her until the new FABulous therapist gets her act together.

So end of that wanh wanh story. I am in wait. For I have tasted the fruits of what real private insurance can do for you! And it's unbelievable.


Mike Golch said...

glad that you enjoy the new therepist,hope the insurance thing works out.I have my doctor's email as well she sends fun things to me and I return the favor as well.I got some great stuff from her for my AWWW...Momdays for the next couple of weeks.

'Tart said...

That is great that you have such a neat relationship with your therapist. That's nice that she sends you stuff to use on the blog!