Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leave it.

I thought about deleting the last post, because I thought people would take it wrong, but then I decided no, I felt it last night so leave it.

I realize there was not much triggering about it, I decided to hold back on what I was thinking about some things. Annnnd I still am. Because I never speak in real life because people always take it wrong and I don't want to over explain myself in print too.


Mike Golch said...

I have never deleted a post.I have had to say I'm sorry for stepping on someone's toes for what I said on a posting but delete it,I do not think so.Bieve me when I have ruffled a few feathers one tome or two.

'Tart said...

Yeah I really thought about deleting that one.

My husband is a wonderful man, and we have talked more since this post (he doesn't read my blog). But in general it is true that he does not say much, but he is a quiet person. So I'm sorry if I stepped on his toes.

I really do wonder what happened with Adam Lambert not winning but it is a small thing in the cosmos, and I wish them both well. I'm sure Mr. Lambert will easily go platinum when he does release music.

Thank you for your comments, Mike. I can always count on you to point out the good and tell me the truth.