Saturday, December 6, 2008

Takin' the dogs to Christmas

I think I am going to have some new pictures up on the 'Good Stuff' site, but I just have to find my camera from the Thanksgiving weekend!

Things are going fairly well. I'm getting ready for Christmas like many people. I have definitely decided to take the dogs with us to our relatives as it is just astronomical (the polar opposite to economical) to board them.

Even though Mia is rambunctious, hyper, manic - the whole nine yards around people and acts every bit the puppy even though she's 17 months old (I don't think it's normal) and Emma is security personnel and will probably bark at everything, we did get the okay from my husband's 90-year-old grandmother to bring them, bless her heart.

She is a wonderful lady lady, his grandmother. She is the last possible chance I have to having a grandmother that is all things wonderful, sweet and grandmotherly. My grandparents are all gone now, and my mom's mom was not the cookie baking or even happy type when when she came to live with us. So I soooo appreciate this woman and very much like being around her.

She does not understand bipolar and keeps wondering why I don't get a job, but she is still super kind to me anyway and seems very accepting of me. Now I can tell her I help clean up grants/proposals and am learning to write them for a non-profit and maybe that will stop the questions about it, and we can all be happy. She makes the best peanut butter balls in the world.:)

She was impressed when I was doing the baking thing, and just gets upset when I quit things.

I did get asked back to the baking thing and I am considering doing it, since it will be a little money and gas has gone down, maybe it won't burn all my gas money to go to it!

The Pug widget is down right now because the site is having technical difficulties. I am going to keep it up or reboot it or whatever is necessary, because I LOVE it!! So cute, I do nothing and have a Pug a day. What fun! (click on it to go to the site and there are still tons of Pug pics up to see:)


Denise said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman and I bet you will have a great Christmas....... You sound like things are doing well for you and sorry I have not been around much.. Life is so busy.............. Enjoy the season girl and stop once in a while and breath........ Ti's' the season for joy and peace

Hopefulsl said...

Hey Tart!
Sounds like things are going pretty good for you these days :) Glad to hear that you are able to take your pugs to your grandmother's place. You know they will probably give your grandma lots of affection which is great for the elderly! You'll have to let me know if you decide to go back to the bakery or not. I just wonder if the one person is still there, you know the one that drove you crazy all the time-LOL. Don't want to see you get depressed again. Anyhow, must be going now!

Tracy said...

I think it great you are taking your dogs with you! I know how much you would miss and worry about them anyway if you left them behind.... :) Big time hugs sent your way, I will be calling you soon!

Love ya!