Thursday, December 11, 2008

Aww I know I complained too much on the last one and I didn't mean it to sound as awful as it did.

My friends told me to live in the moment and not worry about or think too much about the future. Good advice.:)

I've got a little Pug on my lap sleeping away, at 10:33 a.m. That is so nice.

I wish everyone well.



Tracy said...

You never complain to much. If you do, then i do One thing my dad told me while he was visiting, was... The past is gone, the future is not here yet, but today is the present.... the present being a gift. So live in the here and now and value that gift. :)

I say that if you receive that gift.. being Jesus.. then the past is erased and forgiven, and the future is already known....

Love you my friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Big time hugs and blessings sent your way.

Hopefulsl said...

LOL, Twins will be twins :) Funny how we do think alike. Even though we word our sentence's different but they mean the same lol..........And Tracy is right, you really don't complain that much. And to tell you the truth i myself do a lot of that! My husband would agree with me right now if he knew i was writing this to you :) :) GIGGLES-MY FRIEND! Hope you have a wonderful week-end!

Raine said...

Merry Christmas Tart!!! I wish you a lovely heartwarming holiday with no stress.

'Tart said...

I can stress just sitting still. Sometimes that makes me jump up and do something because otherwise I can sit on my bed and cry for no conceivable reason. Overwhelmed.

I wish all a good Merry Christmas and the ability to handle any stresses that you might feel.

I'm just trying to be positive about mine or ignore it and try to enjoy the holidays.