Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I made it back safely!:)

Sumatran Tiger Cub, Engangered Species, San Diego Wild Animal Park, California

I'm back from the inlaws, from a state far, far away - I traveled through snow and ice and below wind chill to get there and I must say I'm happy to be home, safe and sound, now surrounded by my animals (my wily cat and two Pugs).

The best Christmas gift I received, besides the company of nice people (and a couple of yummy feasts full of wonderful food) was the Wii from my inlaws! It has been a wonderful gift, as I have gotten my arse off the couch, away from the computer and working out to Wii Sports.

Who knew I would be so good at Boxing? That one really gets me sweating too. So far, I am not very good at Tennis, as I keep knocking it out of bounds. Golf and Baseball, so so. And I'm pretty good at Bowling, no surprise there.

I know they are hard to get a hold of, but I highly recommend the Wii to just about anybody. It comes with Wii Sport and there are slow games and sweatier ones (the Boxing).

I've played mine three days in a row now, for an average of at least an hour, hour and a half, and I am feeling really good because of the exercise.:)

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