Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ready to Rumble

I get so mad about the Xyprexa, Eli Lily Lies because I was on the stuff for a brief while, feeding on carbs (how dare I, as that was the only disclaimer I was given out of the mental ward – DON’T EAT PIES! I am dead serious.) getting fatter by the moment and lucking out in not growing the pathos of diabetes.

Others: not so lucky. For years of lying and covering up the truth instead of spending the billions to make sure the damn drug was safe, Lily must pay, and pay well.

Every payout needs to take a serious bite out of da bizniss. It might was as well be the Mafia, what a setup and a ream the Drug Companies truly are.

I am a youngling, that means old to some of you, and it was in my prime when the Exxon Valdez oil disaster occurred. I know some tasteless jokes on that matter, but the best is when the Exxon boat driver realizes he ‘messed up’ Alaska. Yeah, messed up something, Boat Driver.

Well, Eli Lily has been forced thru court of law, to see that they ‘messed up’ schizophrenics and bipolars in the fine state of Alaska to the tune of $15 million dolla’s. Which is so paltry, considering the billions to settle just 30,000 individual claims.

Read it:

Read about the pure greed, the cover up of playing down the drug’s risks (Diabetes and cholesterol problems) to doctors, all to make sure they sold the drug.

The thing is there’s such a thing as R&D, Research & Development, for every drug. This company clearly cut corners with finishing their job. Their deceitfulness gave a life debilitating illness to so many. Diabetes kills, especially on top of the confusion of Bipolar. My God, if I got it I’d contemplate suicide with sincerity.

I’ll never know what my Dad REALLY died of, but they say it has to do with the diabetes, never mentioning his possibility to tox out, like I almost did. He took his meds religiously. We all trust massively when we pop our medications in our mouth: the doctors, their knowledge, hospitals even.

To have to wonder if the drug companies are waiting for the pennies on our eyeballs is utterly reprehensible. Eli Lily, I barf on you. And all your little (always dressed in black) VULTURE DRUG REPS, too.

Make my Lithium right you little bitches, or you will just wish you had never been born. God, don't piss off a 'Tart.

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