Sunday, February 10, 2008

PETA is crazy!

Seriously, it's an organization that indulges in over the top progaganda concerning topics that are meant to shock, upset and emotionally scar. At least the minds of decent folks.

Was there ever an animal abuser that was changed by these tactics? Crass, harshness breeds more of it. Hard hearted attempts bring on more of the same thinking.

I don't know why people who say they care about animals can simultaneously think that the rest of us are too insensitive that we must be subjected to what can only be described as shock treatment.

Shock treatment is for the mentally ill. They get submission forms and a tongue depressor before hand.

I'm extreme, I admit. I can't take seeing any kind of abuse. It makes me sick. I know enough evil exists in this world. You don't have to shove it in my face.

If I take care of mine and report others around me, I think I can safely stand before my God. So pushy can just shove off, savvy?

PETA is upset about fried chicken possibly being considered the main picnic food of Kentucky.

Why Kentucky needs a 'main picnic food' I don't know, however PETA really has other considerations before taking on that fried chicken opponent.

For instance, PETA canya come and talk to my blessed neighbor and explain that if she bought a dog for her daughter that she should keep it inside and not OUTSIDE 24/7, to do nothing but keep my babies from doing their business when they go out.

One is learning. Could she learn to pee first, then run up and down the fence with Bongo another day? How novel that would be.

Oh, I know, PETA! - Why don't you take offense at all that fake stuff in your main spokeswoman's boobs (Pam Anderson)?

There may, in fact, be an animal in there, so why don't you get off your "high" horse and take care of important shit, instead of scaring me, a real animal lover, with video's of decrepit sick animals (Petsmart ads).

Real animal lover's don't have to be scared into anything.

If that's how it works for you, take a lesson from organizations that teach, inform, and bring people to the concepts of good animal care, like good zoo orgs or The Crocodile Hunter (posthumously) and daughter JungleGirl.

What the hell is wrong with the PETA pseudo organization?

Cowards have to scare people. And that's not cool, to say the least.

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wolfbaby said...

i hate it when orginazations do that kinda thing it sucks