Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson, SAG Awards 2001: Ah, young love.

Kate H., 2003. That's one of the most beautiful pics ever.

Kate H., 2003 In the middle of marital bliss.

K. Hudson, 2005, marital unbliss apparent (to me anyway), looking thin, dejected & tired.

K. Hudson, during 'Almost Famous' during the time she first met Chris Robinson

Here's a Jungletart first: I will tell you that I have the biggest Un-secret crush on Chris Robinson, singer for the Black Crowes.

He was married to Kate Hudson in 2001 (New Year's Eve to be exact) for about 6 years. They have one spawn, Ryder Russell Robinson.

So it goes with all crushes (mine's lasted since 1991) everything having to do with the crush is oh-so-interesting, and so it is with Mr. Robinson's connection with Ms. Hudson, the only wife he's ever known.
Kate's very in vogue right now, because her comedy 'Fool's Gold' is number one in the box office. So MSN had the obligatory photo gallery of her and I chose some interesting pics. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my crush to Mr. Robinson. You see, it's because I care. And fun.


Anonymous said...

Kate is not Chris' only wife he's ever known. He was married to Lala Sloatman from 1996-1998. She is Frank Zappa's neice.

wolfbaby said...

hmm i could only dream i was that beatiful;)

i do want to see that movie if you do let me know what it's like

'Tart said...

Anonymous is right. My bad, Chris was married before and I had known that before. Thank you, I wasn't thinking!:)

I know Wolfbaby, she's very pretty and photographs well.

Their's was a very high profile romance, with Chris being in the spotlight when he didn't necessarily want to be sometimes, I think that is safe to say.

But I hear that the two talk on the phone almost or nearly daily, because they both care very much for their son.

Moreover, I am still smitten by him. Lyrics to one of the 'older' songs: 'you wouldn't want to have dinner with me,'

Oh yes I would!

MYSTI said...

Nice. I always liked her, i also think she is very beautiful.