Thursday, February 14, 2008

A little love for other sufferers of chronic illness

Most of us can relate to wanting to do more, more, more. I admire people who accomplish so much, myself.

I really admire people who accomplish what seems to others: small things, or usually to themselves, small things - often in the face of difficulty, perceived by others or not .

As though we weren’t fast enough. As though we don’t accomplish enough. As though we were lazy, when in fact we are either working hard, doing the things we can, or mustering the strength for the next thing in our life.

To continue to want to improve takes courage and strength to forge ahead. It is the single most admirable trait I find in a person.

It can become demeaning to our self-esteem when we don’t take the time to recognize that we are working with what we can, to not compare ourselves to others (perhaps the hardest thing of all) and to know we are where we are supposed to be.

To chronic sufferers of illness, be it physical and/or mental, I salute you, and spread the seed of love, on this day of love remembrance.

May those who need to told, be kind to yourselves, for in doing so, we will be better prepared to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.
('Pinky & The Brain' take over the world every day. Hope you're old enough to remember.)


MYSTI said...

Thank you Tart. I am humbled in truth by your words. Thank you for reminding me once again that i am doing a lot more then i give myself credit for. Thank you for caring enough to point out to suffers of chronic Illness that they are more then they think they are. Heres to you my friend, may the lord bless you and your family with health, wellness, and happiness in this upcoming year.


'Tart said...

Hugs to you as well, Mysti!! And right back at 'cha all the things you wished my family and myself!:)

You are the sweetest of the sweet.

I wanted to point out that we need to be kind to ourselves, or we will drain ourselves to the point there is no one to be kind to.

I hope you and Hubby had a great Valentine's day, too!:)
:) Tart