Friday, February 1, 2008

Britney Spears from a Real Bipolar's perspective

Every day I hear that Ms. Spears is closer to doing 'the stay' in a mental hospital, and getting the help she needs.


Look, Britney is truly experiencing the hard part - the years where she must be convinced that those docs handing her meds really know what the hell they are talking about.

She may have to find, as I did (withOUT attitude bought by money: I didn't have that. I was just a semi-normal kid.), that she is dependant on them for life. A real life.

One in which she gets to SEE her children. We'll talk about her capacity for more later.

I feel for her. Despite the fact that I do not relate to being so rich and all that entails (and got in her way),

I do relate to the illness. To psychosis. To highs that are scary. A life that is out of control and nobody seems to know how to help you.

That's why they made hospitals, with 'high walls.' To keep out that which is not helpful and help you when you might be too weak to tell the difference.

If nobody else will say it, well, that's what the Tart is for.

God bless you, Britney, and every bipolar out there needing some real help. May you get it. You all deserve it.

I mean that, my friends. Peace.

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