Friday, February 1, 2008

For Jungletart's everywhere & especially Kenya: A Leopard in an African sunset


May there be an end to the unbelievable inhumanity in Kenya. I pray for it's sunset end, and a dawn to civility and an embrace of a better way to treat each other and especially women with more respect.

Citizens all over the Earth hope that you will be brought to making courageous decisions and stop the hurt. It saddens the loving heart to hear of such at r oc ities.

This pain that I hear of sounds worse than Darfur, Sudan, which is vile and very bad, as well. The citizens of your sovereign nation cry and deserve for it to stop.

The Tart has limited powers, except to inform others. Kenya is in the NYT's constantly these days for its vicious attacks on leaders, women and anyone in the streets. It's a bad situation to say the least and I felt compelled to say so. Pray for peace, work for peace.

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MYSTI said...

Thanks tart for raising awareness regarding this area of the world.